In April 2020, well before the last major crisis that just hit Stadia, Google and Electronic Arts were announcing a big partnership with the promise to release all the big EA games on the Cloud Gaming Stadia platform catalog. The latest Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, the sports games FIFA and Madden, and of course the next games from the publisher including the highly anticipated Battlefield.

After some delays (a habit at Google), we finally have the release date of FIFA 21 on the streaming platform. It will take a little more patience, however.

FIFA 21 March 17th on Stadia

FIFA 21 test


It is therefore on March 17, 2021 that FIFA 21 will join the catalog of games compatible with Google Stadia, as was announced last April when the partnership was announced. Normally scheduled for the end of the year, FIFA will arrive quite late, as will Madden NFL 21 which has just been released on the service.

As with most games, FIFA 21 should be priced at € 59.99 (in addition to your monthly Stadia Pro subscription). The game will work on all devices supported by Stadia, including Chromecast Ultra, Android smartphones and tablets, Chrome browser, and iOS devices. FIFA 21 will also be accessible through the official Google web app.

EA / Google: An uncertain partnership?

Google Stadia Studios


The arrival of FIFA 21 in the Stadia catalog will undoubtedly be a strength for the platform. Unfortunately, we are entitled to ask us certain questions. Following the recent crisis affecting the gaming section of Google, would the future of the platform not be compromised? Wouldn’t Google be changing its tune to adopt a completely different strategy?

This week, Phil Harrison, boss of the Stadia branch, made it clear that the future of video games according to Google was likely to evolve rapidly. These changes could drastically change the service. Will this opportunity always leave the possibility for players to play on Stadia?

We see a significant opportunity to work with partners to find a gaming solution based on the technical infrastructure and advanced platform tools from Stadia. We believe this is the best way to make Stadia a sustainable, long-term business that contributes to the growth of the industry.

It would therefore not be certain to see tumbling down the next highly anticipated Battlefield installment which is scheduled for the end of the year on the side of Electronic Arts.