At the end of last week, the Japanese Square-Enix held an online conference, dedicated to all lovers of Final Fantasy, and in particular of the online opus FF XIV. On this occasion, Square-Enix formalized the next extension of the Endwalker game, but also excellent news for PS5 players.

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Final Fantasy XIV approaching on PS5!

If you are one of the “happy few”To have been able to get their hands on the new PS5 (available since November 19), then you will no doubt be delighted to learn that Final Fantasy XIV is preparing its arrival on your new console.

Indeed, the game signed Square-Enix will soon be available on PS5, and will even have a first open beta phase from April 13. On the Sony console, we should enjoy improved graphics, better resolution, faster loads thanks to the now famous magic SSD, not to mention a 4K display and a solid and high framerate (which we hope).

When released, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV will obviously ship all the content already available, including the Endwalker expansion. A much-maligned Final Fantasy when it was released in 2010, which was relaunched in 2013, in a new form, and subtitled for the occasion A Real Reborn.

Recall that last September, on the occasion of its PS5 showcase, Sony released the first trailer of a certain Final Fantasy XVI. An opus in the tradition of FF XII and FF Tactics, which will take place in Ivalice … just like in Final Fantasy XIV, since update 4.1 allowed the game to host a brand new alliance raid, for 24 seasoned players, as part of the quests “Return to Ivalice: the Royal City of Rabanastre”!