A few months ago, Asobo Studio and Microsoft launched a certain Flight Simulator on PC. A title of a richness (both in substance and in form) quite extraordinary, with an ultra-realistic reproduction of many environments, and flying sensations more exhilarating than ever. A Flight Simulator which was also crowned game of the year at the recent 2021 Pegasus Ceremony.

A Flight Simulator over 50% lighter!

Obviously, to run (correctly), Flight Simulator requires a configuration worthy of the name. In addition, the game also weighs its weight, since the latter required until recently no less than 170 GB of space. Indeed, the recent update deployed by Asobo Studio allowed the game to benefit from an impressive slimming cure.

So, by applying the update, Flight Simulator goes, as if by magic, from 170 GB, to “only”83 GB. A rather impressive optimization, which will therefore allow some players to relieve their hard drive or SSD a little. Obviously, this optimization is great news too… for Xbox gamers.

Indeed, if Flight Simulator is still a Windows exclusive today, the game is preparing to land on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The game’s launch is still scheduled for this summer, and it will obviously be important for Microsoft to be able to offer a game that will not devour half of the SSD of the small Xbox Series S … In this regard, it will be interesting to see how the small Xbox will manage to run this Flight Simulator (especially compared to the Xbox Series X), the game signed Asobo Studio being exclusive to the news Xbox (understand by this that it will not be playable on Xbox One).

Note that during a recent question and answer session, Jorg Neumann, at the head of this Flight Simulator, refused to disclose any release date for the Xbox version of the game. early summer (and between us, we don’t believe it at all) or rather at the start of the school year.