Taking advantage of an obvious flaw, researchers have shown that it is relatively simple to launch cyberattacks against drones.

A team of researchers from UBC (University of British Columbia) in Vancouver has developed three different systems of Stealth cyberattacks against robotic vehicles. These attacks forced these drones to crash, miss their target or accomplish their mission much later than expected. So, these discoveries prove that this kind of gear is easier to hack than we think.

Karthik Pattabiraman, the professor at the head of this study said that his team had found major flaws with these vehicles. They allow malicious people to easily disrupt the proper functioning of these robots. Worst of all, cyberattacks against these drones have not even been detected by standard detection techniques.

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Take action for drones against cyberattacks right now

In fact, a drone uses an algorithm to keep the correct trajectory it takes in flight or en route. In addition, it can identify any interference with its program and alert the presence of suspicious activity. However, this algorithm allows a slight margin of error so as not to trigger defense proceedings at the slightest gap. These can for example be caused by the wind or a natural external element. Gold, it is precisely this margin that can be exploited by hackers and launch cyberattacks against drones.

The researchers announced that they are working on a series of measures that will counteract these attacks. If they have only shown a draft of this study for the time being, they will present all of their findings in two weeks. Indeed, San Juan in Puerto Rico hosts the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). This will be an opportunity to debate about the subject of robots. These play a role in monitoring, warehouse management and other such applications. Roles that will grow in importance in the years to come. It is then necessary to take the right security measures now to prevent all forms of cyberattacks against drones.

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