According to a new report, the foldable iPhone will land in 2023. It would offer a screen size close to the Galaxy Z Flip up to 7.6 ″ and would be compatible with a small stylus that could resemble the S-Pen. Information on its technical sheet and its price also appear.

Foldable iPhone
Credit: Everything Apple Pro

According to rumors, the next few years will be rich in announcements at Apple. The company has barely started its transition to its own M1 chips in macs, and given the performance of the cheapest models, we expect a mid and high end simply incredible. There are also the Apple Glass, the reality glasses that the company could launch in 2023. Not to mention the Apple Car, the autonomous car project of the company.

Apple is also preparing something new in iPhones : the foldable screen iPhone. From what we understand, at this point, it’s not about launching an exclusively foldable range, but offering the format as an additional choice. According to the analyst firm Omdia, Apple is expected to launch the product by 2023. This should benefit from the experience gained since the launch of the first foldable smartphones.

Foldable iPhone: Apple would have learned from Samsung’s mistakes

Apple is expected to improve everything from the hinge to dust resistance, through the unsightly fold that appears on current foldable screens like that of the Galaxy Z Flip. The smartphone screen should be between 7.3 and 7.6 ″ in size and should support a stylus, a bit like the S-Pen of the most premium Samsung smartphones. The device should be very compact when folded up.

For more resistance, the screen would be covered with a variant of Ceramic Shield which protects the iPhone 12 screen. It would be a kind of ceramic UTG glass with resistance reinforced by a chemical process. The hinge should be hidden inside the frame instead of staying outdoors like on current Samsung foldable smartphones to increase its resistance to dust.

In addition, Omdia believes it has information on what will be its technical sheet and its price. The smartphone at ultra-premium positioning would embed up to 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory. Its price would be set around $ 1,500, which, if confirmed, would remain competitive with devices of the same type available on the market.

Source: MyDrivers