Blade is arguably one of the most impressive French tech companies. Founded in 2015, Blade specializes in cloud computing through its Shadow service. However, despite tens of millions of investments, and more than 100,000 users claimed in November 2020, Blade is placed in receivership in March 2021. To better understand Blade’s situation, I advise you to watch the Micode video on this subject.

Following this receivership, Blade received two main offers to resume operations. On the one hand, we find Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the CTO of the company, main contributor to VLC, and emblematic figure of French tech. Jean-Baptiste Kempf’s project is supported by the giant Iliad led by Xavier Niel. Opposite this first takeover project is hubiC, the company of Octave Klaba, the owner of OVHCloud. On April 30, 2021, the Paris Commercial Court decides and chooses hubiC as the worthy buyer of Blade.

The first changes are coming

Almost a month after this announcement, the new team behind Shadow is starting to communicate on the main changes to come. If some feared the opposite, Shadow will remain largely specialized in cloud gaming, but all the news is not so encouraging. As expected, Shadow’s price list is set to evolve.

Shadow’s deputy general manager Yannis Weinbach explains on Twitch that the rates were way too low. According to him, this is one of the reasons that pushed Blade to the brink of the precipice. To remedy this, Weinbach announces that the new subscriptions will be non-binding (except the annual formula), but more expensive. The Boost plan will drop from € 14.99 per month to € 29.99, while the Ultra and Infinite plans will soon be offered at € 44.99 and € 54.99.

The teams are anticipating the reactions of their subscribers and announce that more details should be announced during the month of June.