Ford Transit

According to an internal source of the Ford company, the electric declination Transit van should not point the tip of the nose before the year 2023, against the year 2021 originally announced by the brand.

Full of ambition in terms of electric mobility, the Ford brand lacks projects in this direction in the coming years. This strong mobilization, especially to respect the Paris agreements and to compete with future heavy rivals pushes to electrify a part of its car fleet: testify the recent Mustang Mach E SUV and the overpowering sports concept Mustang Lithium of 900 hp.

The war of dates

Securely settled on the niche of pickup on the other side of the Atlantic, the American firm also intends to decline its popular F-150 in an electric version, just to put a spoke in the wheels of Tesla and Rivian, to name a few. The group's position in the commercial vehicle segment has also made it a staple in the B2B sector.
Its transit van, for example, is produced around the world. Better: the fans of the electric will even have the right to a zero emission version over the next years. Yes, but when ? Because according to a press release of the brand published in April 2019, the vintage 2021 seemed to be the target of the leaders. But information published by the specialized site Electrek contradicts these plans.

A boulevard for the e-Expert?

According to an internal source of the company, the Electric Transit should not see the day before the year 2023. Or a waiting time of two years compared to the date initially advanced.
What leave a head start to the Peugeot e-Expert, expected in the course of the second half of 2020.

Source: Electrek