The French Days are not just reduced prices on smartphones. The proof: at the moment, for the purchase of one of the small jewels of the Apple brand, SFR is giving away an accessory that could prove to be very useful! A good plan not to be missed …

When you get a high-end smartphone, especially if it comes from Apple, you tend to want to protect it quickly. Except that, when you spend a certain amount to afford the crème de la crème, you often forget to add the price of such an accessory. We then find ourselves, either to grit our teeth, or to postpone this secondary purchase until later … Even if it means quickly regretting it. At SFR, we have understood the dilemma: this is why, during the French Days, the store gives you a gift on the purchase of a refurbished iPhone!

A tempered glass offered with the refurbished iPhone 8

First of all, remember that you will indeed find some iPhone models at reduced prices on the SFR store, looking for reconditioned devices. So theiPhone 8 is it displayed at an unbeatable price, at only 9 euros + 5 euros per month with the subscription to the 60 GB 4G + package from SFR. Admittedly, we are not in the most recent models of the Apple brand, but this smartphone remains of very good quality and will certainly appeal to those nostalgic for “small” screens with its 4.7 inches. Especially at this price!

And all the more so now, during the French Days, since SFR offers you a tempered glass for any purchase of a refurbished iPhone 8 (worth 19.99 euros). Either the essential accessory to avoid the nightmare of a beautiful smooth screen suddenly shattered into a thousand pieces … It’s time to kill two birds with one stone, with a very useful purchase!

A free case with the refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

Among the refurbished Apple smartphones available from SFR, you will also find the famous Plus version of the aforementioned iPhone 8. Larger (5.5 inches), and benefiting in particular from a better screen resolution as well as a double photo sensor, it is at only 59 euros + 5 euros per month with the subscription to the 60 GB 4G + package from SFR. Again, we can say that it’s worth it.

Especially that during the French Days, SFR gives you the gift ofa nice case for any purchase of a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus. Sober and elegant, the Moshi Vesta Bahama Blue case (worth 39.99 euros) will serve as a real shield for your new smartphone. Indispensable protection against hard knocks!

A free case for the purchase of a refurbished iPhone X

Are you looking more in a slightly higher range at Apple, but don’t want to put all your rent in a smartphone either? SFR has what you need: the iPhone X, refurbished. The little gem made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the first to offer the famous Face ID (or facial recognition) of the apple brand, is available in refurbished in its 64 GB and 256 GB versions. The first will cost you only 99 euros, the second 179 euros, plus 8 euros per month with the 60 GB 4G + package from SFR. A good plan, for an (almost) latest iPhone!

And the French Days put the icing on the cake of this SFR offer, with a gift case for any purchase of a refurbished iPhone X ! Same brand, but different model necessarily than for the iPhone 8 Plus, this gray Moshi Vesta Herringbone case (worth 29.99 euros) will allow you to enjoy your brand new smartphone without worrying!

Sources: SFR, Apple