While in a few hours the great video game festival will be officially launched with the Summer Game Fest and then E3 this weekend, Microsoft has decided to launch hostilities this afternoon with many announcements. The American firm wishes to make everyone understand that their involvement is total in the video game industry with Xbox and that beautiful things are approaching!

“The purpose of the games is to bring the players together”

Phil Spencer & Satya Nadella

© Xbox – Phil Spencer & Satya Nadella

It was through a short video that Phil Spencer (Xbox branch boss) and Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) discussed the importance of video games for Microsoft and in the world. Beautiful things have been unveiled which foreshadow good months and good years to come.

We believe that games, digital entertainment as a whole, are not above all about machines and content, they are not just pixels. The purpose of the games is to bring the players together. They create connections, bonds, allow us to feel affection for more and more people all around the world. Fun and community, that’s what brings us together.

Phil spencer

The Game Pass revolution

© Microsoft

It is without doubt one of the best services offered to date. The Xbox Game Pass is a revolution allowing you to play hundreds of games including the latest Microsoft exclusives for only € 9.99 per month. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft announces that the Game Pass will arrive on new media very soon.

  • Xbox is preparing to bring the Xbox experience to smart TVs without the need for any other device. One controller will be enough to play Xbox games in the coming months!
  • New Xbox Game Pass subscription proposals taking into account financial realities depending on the country.
  • Xbox is considering setting up a new Xbox All Access with telephone operators to allow the purchase of a console and a Game Pass subscription at a reduced monthly rate, rather than having to spend a hefty sum all at once.
  • Xbox designs its own streaming devices for the cloud, so gamers can enjoy it from any screen, without the need for a console.
  • Cloud gaming will arrive in the next few weeks on browser for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. It will then be possible to play on Edge, Chrome and Safari in one click.
  • Updating datacenters Microsoft with the Xbox Series X is imminent. This means data centers will be able to experience Series X performance with reduced load times, more frames per second, and experience games Optimized for Xbox Series X | S.
  • Later this year, the cloud gaming will be directly integrated into the Xbox application on PC. Microsoft also intends to offer players to try the games before downloading them.

Microsoft also gives some pretty interesting numbers like the fact that Xbox Game Pass members play 30% more different genres and 40% more games. Over 90% of members said they tried at least one title they wouldn’t have paid attention to without Game Pass.

Microsoft’s service makes a huge contribution to player engagement and engagement. Microsoft’s partners see the commitment to their games increase eightfold when they join the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

The efficiency of Xbox Game Studios

Xbox Game Studios

Today, 23 studios around the world are developing exclusives for Microsoft (PC, Xbox Series X, S, One). Microsoft’s goal is to integrate at least one new game from Xbox Game Studios per quarter into Game Pass. From FPS to RPG through racing games, the goal is to offer a variety of games to subscribers.

The indie game development program is very important as well. ID @ Xbox has raised more than $ 2 billion for developers since its inception. Over 2,000 games have been released and many more are on the program. This model is now used for ID @ Azure and allows independent developers to imagine new experiences through the cloud.

Xbox E3 2021

Xbox Bethesda E3 2021

© Xbox

See you in three days, Sunday June 13 from 7 p.m. to discover Microsoft’s E3 conference. A LIVE event that will also highlight Bethesda’s upcoming projects. The opportunity undoubtedly to discover new announcements of Xbox Game Studios games and why not a new studio buyout?

Microsoft Xbox Series X