Launched more than ten years ago now, Plex allows access to various multimedia contents stored on a server, but also to enjoy various streaming contents since 2019. Today, after launching the Plex Pass in 2020, Plex enriches its catalog, eyeing the side of video games.

Plex launches into Arcade video game

Indeed, in recent days, it has been possible to subscribe to a brand new service, called Plex Arcade. As its name suggests, this is an offer allowing access to many video games, on condition of course to pay a monthly subscription, fixed here at $ 4.99 per month.

A service which should delight slightly more experienced players (not to say “old“) Since it is for example to find classics of the Atari era. The opportunity to play iconic titles like Aquaventure, Centipede, Fatal Run, Gravitar, Missile Command, Ninja Golf, Sky Diver or even Solaris.

To this is added the possibility of adding its own ROMS and emulators. Note that Plex Pass subscribers will be able to take advantage of a small discount on Plex Arcade, which they will not be charged “than”$ 2.99 / month. A free 7-day trial period is offered for any new subscription.

We are far here from an Xbox Game Pass, a PS Now or even a Google Stadia, and the offer offered by Plex is currently focused on historical games, to (re) play on a computer. on Windows or MacOS, on iOS and Android, or on Apple TV / Android TV. The service is compatible with the majority of Bluetooth controllers on the market, including Xbox One and PS4 controllers, as well as the Atari VCS pad.