Protective masks at Razer

Gamers know the Razer brand for its computers, keyboard and other peripherals aimed at transforming a smartphone into a Nintendo Switch, but the company has just launched into a new niche: health. Indeed, Razer has officially announced its intention to develop 1 million surgical masks, which will be intended for healthcare professionals around the world.

Razer's CEO, Min-Liang Tan, announced the news on his Twitter account. " This emergency conversion of some of our production lines, and the donation of masks is the first step in many of the actions Razer will take. We are committed to dedicating our time, resources, efforts and talents to the fight against the COVID-19 virus".

A million masks produced, and donated!

At first, Razer will donate a total of 1 million masks to health authorities in different countries. Obviously, Singapore will be one of the countries concerned, the Razer group having its headquarters in the country. According to Razer, each society, no matter what its field of activity, must today make its contribution to fight against the world epidemic of coronavirus.

The question now is whether Razer's initiative will soon be followed by other giants in the high-tech sector. Recall that many initiatives are currently being taken by various companies, with for example games offered free of charge to players to allow them to better manage containment, without forgetting the Canal + group (to name but one) which has decided to make its channel accessible free (in plain text, therefore) on all boxes, until mid-April.

Twitter coronavirus

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Remember that the current instruction in France is to stay at home as much as possible. In some cities, like Nice, the authorities are monitoring the population with drones. Containment is currently the only way to significantly curb the spread of the virus, and unclog emergency rooms.