A few weeks before its release, we were able to get very close to the new Super Mario 3D World, coming February 10 on Nintendo Switch. Yet another defector from the Wii U (but yes, the Wii U remember…) which promises, without saying it, a “Deluxe” experience since not only the game benefits from various improvements, but it is also accompanied by a certain Bowser’s Fury.

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Get ready for a ‘new’ mewy Mario!

At the end of 2013, Nintendo launched Super Mario 3D World on its Wii U. An episode that took up the concept of Super Mario 3D Land (on Nintendo 3DS), with a very advanced multiplayer dimension, allowing four accomplices to collaborate. A title which (too) few players were able to try then, and which will soon be given a second chance. And that’s good, as Super Mario 3D World was such an exceptional game.

Super Mario 3D World Switch

On Nintendo Switch, we therefore find the original experience, with however some subtle gameplay improvements (especially in terms of jumps or general movement speed), but also some new features borrowed from more recent games, such as the diving jump of Super Mario Odyssey.

The objective remains the same, namely to go through a few dozen levels with a rather particular point of view here, in the skin of Mario, Luigi, Toad or Peach (yes, as in Super Mario Bros 2 on NES). Each has their own skills, with a slightly different gameplay, therefore depending on the character chosen.

Super Mario 3D World Switch

At the moment, we have been able to try our hand at a handful of levels, but we can already confirm that this Super Mario 3D World is still today a gem of creativity, with a great level design, bright gameplay ideas and permanent finds in (almost) every level. The game is divided into various stages to be completed in a given time, trying if possible to glean the three stars, as well as the hidden stamp, which allows to collect valuable illustrations.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury at the best price

We also find there the famous levels of this dear Captain Toad, the haunted houses, the power-ups… and of course the transformation into Cat. So of course, we also find this camera angle which is not always optimal, but what an enormous pleasure to be able to dive back into this rather unique title, and still so successful today. Obviously, those who have not known the game on Wii U will discover with great pleasure a new title, and incidentally one of the most creative Mario of recent years.

Super Mario 3D World Switch

Of course, the game is also adorned with a local multiplayer mode, and online, to which we will come back in more detail during our test.

Bowser’s Fury… (well) more than just a bonus?

A Bowser’s Fury mode is added to the original Super Mario 3D World experience. This is not a small experience, a range of mini-games, but a new adventure in 3D. Here, it’s about teaming up with Bowser Jr (controlled by the AI ​​or a second player) and fighting against a Bowser who has become as gigantic as he is uncontrollable.

Super Mario 3D World Switch

It is a question here of collecting feline stars, allowing to awaken giant bells (the Giga Cloche), in order to transform Mario into “Giga Mario Chat” and finally face Bowser, from man to man … well, from Mario to Bowser .

Here again, we will come back in more detail to this Bowser’s Fury mode in our complete test of this Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch, but we have to admit that this new mode is a hell of a (good) surprise … especially for who’s wait for a ” little unassuming bonus “.

Moreover, to answer certain questions, Bowser’s Fury is accessible directly at the launch of the game, with an interface that allows the player to launch either Super Mario 3D World, or this brand new adventure.

Super Mario 3D World Switch

In short, you guessed it, these few hours spent in the company of the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World have (more than) conquered us, and we can not wait to continue the adventure. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch on February 12, and something tells us that the full test will be available around that same time on Lemon Squeezer.