Gororo Eeyo

Famous for its electric scooters with interchangeable battery, the Taiwanese company Gogoro enriches its offer with an electrified bicycle soon to be launched in the United States and Europe. Eeyo, of his name, however remains very mysterious before his official enthronement.

Very clever whoever could have predicted Gogoro's angle of attack on the American and European market. Because since its creation in 2011, followed four years later by its very first two-wheeler (the Smartscooter), the Asian firm has made the electric scooter its real spearhead, to the point of enjoying a virtual monopoly within his native country, with, in July 2019, no less than 97% of the market share to his credit.

Eeyo, to start

If the company was eagerly awaited on the Old Continent, no one really suspected that it would launch it not with a scooter, but indeed with an electric bicycle. An enigmatic video teaser has indeed been published on the Twitter and Instagram accounts of its product, the Gogoro Eeyo, accompanied by a text mentioning the arrival of a bicycle.
However, no technical specifications, or even photos, were transmitted by the brand. The latter will take advantage of the month of May to reveal more during a presentation reserved for the United States, which will precede another European and Taiwanese introduction this summer.

Great international ambitions

The time is inevitably astonished at this news, since Gogoro, according to his intentions expressed in September 2019, mainly planned to launch internationally with his Viva electric scooter with fine and ultra colorful curves, catapulted in the course of 2020.

However, the company had already set foot indirectly in Europe: the COUP service fleet, which has since disappeared, was indeed made up of Gogoro scooters.

Source: Twitter