Unveiled in spring 2020 by Apple, the iPhone SE is the latest smartphone from the Californian giant. A worthy successor to the device of the same name released in 2016, this new version combines simplicity and high performance. During the SFR start, this phone is now available from just one euro… Be careful not to fall for it!

It’s back to school, go to the Apple!

The sun is setting earlier, the leaves are falling, the mercury is going down… The signs are no longer misleading; the re-entry is imminent. To avoid sinking into depression, spice up this recovery! By buying, why not, a new smartphone…? At SFR, many good plans await you for this start of the school year, and in particular Apple’s new flagship: the small but strong iPhone SE. Already on sale a few months after its release, it will convince you …

The great peculiarity of this new Apple-branded smartphone is of course its price. The iPhone SE clearly contrasts with the range of iPhone 11 and its prices two to three times higher outside the package … If certain compromises have obviously been made to offer an accessible product, this “SE” version is not low. cost so far. With its mid-range positioning, this device is primarily aimed at consumers wishing to enter – or stay – in the Apple ecosystem, wanting a reliable phone, without frills or too gimmicky features.

A compact and powerful phone

Available in several colors – black, white and red – this lightweight smartphone with a compact design sports a 4.7-inch Retina HD display. Fans of the first hour will also be delighted to find the famous Touch ID button with haptic feedback, absent from the latest generations of iPhone. Another nod to the past; the lines and borders of the device are reminiscent of the famous iPhone 8 …

If the iPhone SE has a relatively classic design, its performance is nothing of the past … And for good reason, the device is equipped with the very latest A13 Bionic chip – which can also be found on iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max – super powerful and fast. This processor is indeed capable of performing billions of tasks, in the background, per second. Enough to push the phone to its limits, without ever slowing down.

The iPhone SE at 1 euro with an SFR subscription

Despite its unique rear photo module, Apple’s smartphone does not deserve the photo. The device has a Portrait mode – boosted by the A13 Bionic chip – which sublimates the pictures, even for selfies.

During the good plans of the start of the SFR school year, the iPhone SE is available from one euro only in its 64 GB version, with an 80 GB 4G + subscription at € 30 per month (then € 45 / month for 12 months). And this for a 24-month commitment.

Long live the recovery! Also discover all the other smartphones on sale – with or without subscription – as well as the accessories at reduced prices, on the SFR store.