While Google’s devices crisscross the sky of Christianburg, the small town of Virginia gives us a glimpse of life with drone deliveries.

In fact, it is one of the Wing pilot projects, Google’s sister company and a subsidiary of Alphabet. Since the start of containment in the area, residents have increasingly used the services of the company. The most popular products? Coffee, toilet paper and cookies.

High demand for Google drones

According to Wing, the company has performed over 1000 deliveries in the last two weeks across all of its sites where it operates. In fact, this includes not only Christianburg, but also districts of Helsinki and two Australian cities, also affected by movement restrictions.

If it is a unprecedented rise, Google unfortunately did not communicate on the numbers of deliveries by drones in each locality. That said, his initiative certainly helps small traders, who are particularly affected by the current crisis.

Google delivery drone

Unexpected help for small businesses

The American magazine Forbes reports the hopes of small local entrepreneurs regarding Wing's flying machines. Last Saturday, their first day of air delivery, Christianburg Mockingbird Café Doubles Sales on a normal day.

For note, last Saturday would also have been the day with the highest number of drone deliveries made by Google. Confinement therefore benefits some.

As a reminder, all products are stored beforehand in Wing stores. Its package (450 g at most) well suspended by a cable, a drone can fly at an altitude of 48 m at a speed of 104 km / h above the small American town of 22,000 souls.

Via Wing, Google has been delivering drones to Christianburg since October 2019, a first in the United States.

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