Google's operating system for connected watches is still evolving. After a name change at the beginning of the year, the Wear OS interface is now completely modified.

Three advantages are put forward by Google, starting with simplified access to notifications, a scan from the bottom of the screen to the top, and shortcuts (airplane mode, Google Pay, do not disturb …), a gesture from the top to the bottom.

The new Wear OS interface

Google Assistant integrates better with the Wear OS: swipe to the right to see all the suggestions and reminders of the wizard. It is similar to the Siri dial of the Apple Watch, except that it is not a dial but a view in itself.

The five screens of Wear OS. Ars Technica editing.

In the same way, Google Fit, the application reviewed last week that tracks his physical activity, is in good position on the right of the dial.

The update will be rolled out next month on Wear OS watches. Google may present this fall its own family of connected watches.