Soon, you should be able to enjoy more games based on real world data, like Pokémon Go. Indeed, Google has just announced the availability of the Google Maps platform for video game developers, which will allow those ci to use the tools of this platform to develop games. "Our gaming solution gives you the flexibility to put the real world in your game or take your game out in the real world." The Maps SDK for Unity gives you the tools to create and customize a game world based on real-world locations, while the Playable Locations API helps you find the best locations to place real-world gameplay. ”, explains the firm to the developers.

Google encourages the creation of games like Pokémon Go?

This series of video game tools, based on Google Maps data, was announced in 2018. However, at launch, access to these tools was restricted to a small number of publishers. To date, a dozen games with a total of 11 million users already have access to the platform. And as of this week, these tools are available for all developers of mobile video games. "(…) immediately after launch, we recognized the interest of game studios and independent developers in creating their own real-world games. So we decided to build a scalable infrastructure that would extend access to all developers and allow them to sign up and get started quickly online, " says Google.

And by providing Google Maps support to mobile video game developers, Google can hope to help create augmented reality experiences for its smartphones. Indeed, like Apple, Google already offers a technology (ARCore) which allows developers to create augmented reality applications for Android smartphones. And thanks to the data from Google Maps, it will be even easier for app developers to create Pokémon Go-type games (which do not, however, use data from Google Maps).