There will be no Google Watch in the program for its next re-entry event. No equivalent, to wear on the wrist, smartphones Pixel. Google does not intend to walk on the borders of its partners, or at least not immediately. Miles Barr, director of engineering for Wear OS told Tom's Guide :

If we think in terms of one and the same watch that suits everyone, we are not there yet. For the moment, our goal is our partners (read also The Apple Watch Series 1 would have given a lesson to the Series 3 in the spring about market share of each).

Some Wear OS watches (formerly Android Wear) are more focused on fitness, others play more the card of their style and design, but very few manage to combine the two criteria, observes Miles Barr. Apparently Google has postponed, or abandoned, its watch projects that had fueled the rumor a few months ago (read Three Pixel watches at Google this fall?).

Invited to describe what a hypothetical "Pixel Watch" could offer he suggested that it rely heavily on Google Assistant and enhanced features by machine learning " Which represents the strong point of Google ".

From there we can imagine that it focuses on providing personalized information a bit like the Siri dial on the Apple Watch that gathers data from different sources. That's what the next month's Wear OS update will offer, with the display of relevant information for the day, the week or even the current month (read Google reviews the entire Wear OS interface) .

Improved battery consumption is another big piece, which will wait for an update in early 2019. It will also be an opportunity for Google to no longer use version numbers to accompany each release. It will be done more regularly instead of arriving once a year.

The next conference Google could be held on October 9, with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL which have been the subject of many leaks in recent days, more or less comical.