While consoles are not going to disappear, cloud gaming is also developing little by little. And today, Stadia, the service of Google, is one of the main platforms. This allows you to play AAA titles on Android smartphones, on the Chrome browser, or on the Chromecast Ultra dongle.

However, like other cloud gaming services, Stadia is not yet available on iOS. This is due to the restrictions Apple places on its ecosystem.

Officially, Apple allows cloud gaming services on the App Store. But the many restrictions imposed mean that it will probably not interest any company. Among these is the fact that each game offered must be seen as a full-fledged app that the user must install from the App Store and must be approved.

And finally, the applications of cloud gaming services would only be catalogs that link to the pages of video games on the App Store. In addition, these games must be subject to the same rules as other iOS applications, including the obligation to use Apple’s payments system.

When Apple announced its regulations concerning cloud gaming, it also recalled that it “There are still Internet and web browser applications open to reach all users outside of the App Store. “ And obviously, this is the option that is considered by cloud gaming players, to avoid the restrictions of the App Store.

Stadia, soon on Safari

This week, we learned via the TechCrunch site that Google is developing a version of Stadia that will be accessible on the Safari browser, thanks to Progressive Web App technologies. Testing is expected to start in the coming weeks.

“This will be the first phase of our progressive iOS web app. As we test performance and add new features, your feedback will help us improve the Stadia experience for everyone. You can expect this feature to start rolling out in several weeks ”, said the Mountain View firm.

Moreover, it should be noted that an independent developer has already shown that it is possible to use the web to play Stadia games on an iPhone. But unfortunately, the app that enabled this was eventually withdrawn by Apple.

Microsoft and Nvidia will take the same path

Google is not the only company to want to offer cloud gaming on iOS, while bypassing the rules of the App Store. This week, Nvidia announced the development of a web version of its cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, which will be available on Safari.

“GeForce NOW is released on iOS Safari, in beta, starting today. This means that over 5 million GeForce NOW members can now access the latest experience by launching Safari from iPhone or iPad and visiting play.geforcenow.com ”, we read in a company press release.

As for Microsoft, it was the media that revealed its plans in October. During a meeting with employees, the Redmond firm reportedly indicated that it wants to offer xCloud on iPhones and iPads through the browser, from 2021.