3 hidden features of Google Maps – Geeko

Although roaming has been suppressed in Europe, a stingy mobile mobile subscription may complicate your travel abroad. This is why it can be interesting to have access to offline maps. A solution that proposes precisely
Google Maps.

Go offline

By downloading a map of the city you plan to visit, you will be able to map routes by car, locate yourself on the map at any time while pedestrian and stay on course even if you lose the GPS signal.

To enjoy it, simply search for the destination of your choice on Google Maps, and then go to the "Offline Maps" page in the app settings. Tap "Select your own map" and adjust the frame on the map to download the area of ​​interest. That's it.

3 hidden features of Google Maps
3 hidden features of Google Maps – Geeko

You can then orient yourself on this map from the Maps settings, "Offline maps" option, simply.

Add stops on your route

When Google Maps is asked to create a route, the app selects a fairly simple path that links its user to their destination. But you may want to make stops on your journey whether it's for gas, coffee breaks or more cultural stops.

You can perfectly add stops in your way. This will allow you to get a better estimate of the time of arrival while avoiding missing a stop.

For this, from the application, enter your first destination. For example, a gas station or a restaurant. Then, in the options of your route (the three points), select "Add a step" and enter the second destination of your trip. You can add as many steps as you want.

3 hidden features of Google Maps
3 hidden features of Google Maps – Geeko

The estimate of your arrival will then be more realistic with all of your planned stops.

Find a parking area

Instead of going around wondering whether or not you can park in this street, you can simply refer to Google Maps for the answer. The app also shows you adjacent streets where you can park, as well as valuable information such as the type of parking allowed on this lane; paid, limited in time, reserved for residents, etc.

For that, direction the application and enter your destination. Next to the estimated time, tap "steps and more" to get an overview of the car parks near your destination. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available anywhere in Europe. Google Maps limits this option to major cities such as London, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Paris. If you plan to visit one of these cities, this feature might be useful.

You will get an estimate of how easy – or not – you will park in the city you are traveling to.

3 hidden features of Google Maps
3 hidden features of Google Maps – Geeko