While the new Xbox Series X and Series S arrive in stores this November 10, Sony decides to broadcast the launch trailer for its PlayStation 5. Indeed, if the (big) white console is expected for November 19 at home, it will be available this Thursday, November 12 in the United States (among others).

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The (big) PS5 games in 2021

If the console has already reached the premises of Presse-citron, we have to admit that the PS5 does not yet offer this Gran Turismo 7, this Ratchet & Clank or even this Horizon Forbidden West capable of triggering a purchase from you. day one“. Determined not to let Xbox take center stage this week, Sony has unsheathed the ” launch trailer Of his PS5.

A launch trailer which obviously compiles various extracts from upcoming games on the new Sony console… and which allows us to learn more about certain highly anticipated release dates. Indeed, under the trailer, we can read that if Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls are the main launch games for the console, titles like Ratchet & Clank or Gran Turismo 7 will arrive (hopefully) on PS5. during the first half of 2021.

At the same time, Sony confirms that the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, called Forbidden West, will be launched on PS5 (and PS4) during the second half of the year 2021. Note that the new God of War, subtitled Ragnarok , should also arrive before the end of 2021.

All this of course if the coronavirus epidemic one day decides to allow all of humanity to find a new “Normal life”. In the meantime, our first test of the Sony PS5 can be found at this address.