GTA V available for free for a week!

Great news for all those who had not yet fallen for GTA V and / or who wanted to try the PC version. Indeed, as persistent rumors have suggested for a few days, the game signed Rockstar Games is now available for free on the Epic Games Store.

GTA V free, yes! Launched at the end of 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, then ported the following year on PS4 and Xbox One (without forgetting the PC), GTA V has been regularly leading the sales ranks for the past 7 years. To date, the game from Rockstar Games has more than 120 million sales worldwide.

GTA V Free

As the Epic Games Store home page shows, by downloading GTA, "The game is yours forever". To download GTA V for free, no subscription to pay, but simply an Epic Games Store account to create at this address. Once connected, just go to the store, and ask to download the game GTA V. And that's it.

Since its launch, the Epic Games store has a habit of regularly offering players games to download for free, but the group is hitting very (very) hard with GTA V. No doubt Epic should register many new subscribers thanks to to Rockstar Games, and this GTA V to download for free until May 21. Obviously, the servers had a hard time supporting the influx of visitors, and the Epic Games Store has tended to crash regularly since the arrival of GTA V. Patience.