After Huawei's ban jeopardized the future of Honor devices (Honor being a sub-brand of Huawei), the company began to pressure its non-voice products, mainly wearables, first with the very competitive Band of Honor 5 and now with the Honor Magic Watch 2.

As a successor to Magic Honor Watch (as its name suggests, syntax aside), this device brings some improvements to the old one, and it's also pretty similar to the Huawei Watch GT 2 (Just like the first Honor smartwatch was quite similar to the original Watch GT).

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The Honor Magic Watch 2 has a thinner construction than the first device, with a holster that does not protrude from the face of the device, a relatively thin body, and rather small crowns. It also offers new formatting features, as well as lifestyles, to differentiate it from simple formatting trackers.

Honor Magic Watch 2 price and availability

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There's no word on a release date for the Honor Magic Watch 2, but we'd expect it to land before Christmas, so that Honor can sell devices during the Christmas sales period. It's very unlikely that the device will come to the United States, as with all Huawei and Honor technicians.

We did not know a price either, and all the honor could tell us that the price would be 'competitive'. The first Honor Watch Magic watch cost £ 179.99 (around $ 230, AU $ 325), and we would not expect the Watch 2 to cost much more.

Design and display

Honor Magic Watch 2 consists of a main body with removable straps, similar to many other smart watches. There are two size variants, 42mm and 46mm, and we used this last large device for our tests.

The bracelets of the model we tested were silicone, but there are also leather options depending on the color you buy. There are many holes in the strap, enough for the watch to fit snugly regardless of the size of your wrist, but oddly, there are also holes in the same side of the strap as the buckle, which is a little ridiculous ..

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The case of the Honor Magic Watch 2 is approximately 0.9mm thick and 42mm or 46mm wide, depending on the model you purchase. The case is flat and does not rise above the screen as in the original Watch Magic, which gives the device a slightly minimalist (or 'cheap'?) Look, and to the right there are two crowns that are a little flatter than on other smartwatches.

In terms of display, you're getting a 1.39-inch AMOLED display on this device (and a 1.2-inch on the smaller device), which is usually very bright and offers vivid colors; Perfect for watching outside while doing sports or exercising.

A new feature of Honor Magic Watch 2 is its permanent display, which shows you a dial all the time. It's always a higher quality section than some other smart watches, because you can see the colored faces, while some other devices only allow you to see the monochrome faces when the screen is turned on. 'of'.

Another benefit is that using the Always On feature does not seem to have a dramatic effect on battery life, with the Magic Watch 2 easily lasting for the weekend we tested for it even though the permanent screen is activated.

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Another feature of the display is that you can choose your own photos as the wallpaper of the watch – at least according to Honor. We could not actually find a way to plaster our face on the screen of the watch, so it's possible, this will be added in a patch at a later date.

Fitness and features

The Honor Magic Watch 2 offers a range of fitness monitoring modes, from basics, such as walking and running outdoors, to triathlon, rowing and swimming. It's also GPS, for your workouts involving trips.

These modes are really deep and go well beyond just tracking footsteps, distance and time – for example, outdoor races follow Rhythm (Honor describes this mode as being similar to a running machine, which determines your pace and allows you to follow). It's a really impressive set of features, perfect for those who do a lot of sport.

A voice assistant using the watch guides you through your coaching and is surprisingly loud. Running and tired in a park can be a real shock, and the device must tell you 'We are only 1 km from the whole neighborhood, and a volume bar would be appreciated. We did not find a way to get that through headphones connected to the same phone as the watch.

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A useful feature that we appreciate is the fitness records of past workouts. – Some fitness trackers and smartwatches like those of Fitbit require you to go to the app to see them, but on the Honor Magic Watch 2, you can access it from your wrist.

In addition to the formatting features, there are also lifestyle options to make the Magic Watch 2 useful for everyday use, but they are a bit more basic than the formatting features.

There's Processing Notifications, which is useful even though notifications are often a little delayed compared to posting them on a smartphone. So there's a music player for MP3 tracks that you download to the device, and although 4GB of internal memory and very powerful speakers are not too sure of the number of people who download MP3 songs to the era of Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and Apple Music Streaming.

You must use the Huawei Health app to add songs, which is related to a problem we have encountered with the watch in general – its use depends on its use. You must use the app to activate weather reports, add music and even change faces.'d appreciate being able to do some of these things from the watch itself.

Other features of the Magic Watch 2 include the above-mentioned weather reports, a stress indicator, timers, breathing exercises and a compass. There's no Google Play Store or App Store though, since it does carry an operating system or watchOS, so you can not download any additional tools on the device, and in general, streaming applications from lifestyle seems rather limited compared to formatting functions.

Battery life

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Honor Magic Watch 2 has a 14 day battery life according to Honor, and although we did not have it for 14 days to test it, that's about what we did in our tests ..

Even with the permanent display enabled, the device had an impressive battery life, and we think it will last at least a week. Honor told us that this was due to the Kirin A1 chipset and many energy saving algorithms to ensure the display continues to quote the battery too much.

The charge is carried out using an included magnetic dock that connects easily to the back of the smartwatch – it's not the liveliest charge we've ever seen, but it's fine. For our full review, we'll make sure to test how long it takes to load the Honor Magic Watch 2 up to.

Early verdict

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If you're a fitness fan looking for a new smart watch, the Honor Magic Watch 2 could be your device because its exercise tracking features are really impressive. If you exercise a lot and need a way to keep up with your workouts, it will give you more than you do.'I'll never need it.

The sleek design will make the magic watch a good fit no matter how small your wrist is so thin that it's not a burden to wear during exercise.

However, when it comes to features that are not related to exercise, the watch is missing a bit and we'd probably recommend an Apple Watch or Wear OS if you're not great on your workouts.