While the arrival of iOS 15 and WatchOS 8 is scheduled for the general public for the start of the school year, beta testers already have access to the new features of Apple’s OS updates. By combining iOS 15 and the update for Apple Watch, it is thus possible to unlock new features, such as in the Wallet app. The latter has indeed been extensively reworked by Apple teams to offer new possibilities to users.

Apple vice president of technology Kevin Lynch recently told Yahoo Fiance how these new things are going to work for users. For starters, ID cards and driver’s licenses may be added to the Wallet app in some countries – Apple has yet to provide details on the list of countries that will have access to this new feature first. The apple brand also plans to work with the TSA (the body in charge of American transport security, it is the body that issues driver’s licenses in the United States) to allow the use of identity cards. digital instead of a physical card. “We are at the beginning, obviously”said Lynch, aware of the potential of such an application.

Lots of changes coming to Wallet

According to him, the features newly available with identity cards and driver’s licenses will ultimately be quite close to what Apple already offers with bank cards in its Wallet application. In the future, the Cupertino company intends to further develop this aspect of its application. She has already expressed the wish to develop a solution for smart locks so that we can store the digital keys of our home or office directly in our Apple Watch.

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