The Apple Watch, the latest edition of which was unveiled to the general public during a keynote in the last quarter of 2020, is not just a simple fashion accessory. Indeed, it also has a number of health-oriented features, such as the blood oximeter or the detection of high decibels. In addition, there is also the detection of falls.

To recognize them, the wearable uses an accelerometer. An emergency message is then sent to the wearer to verify that he is okay. But if it is not able to respond, then after a while the smartwatch is able to notify firefighters directly. This has already enabled several people to avoid the worst, as told here.

Be careful, it slips

This week an instructor from ice skating of the name of William Rogers, rather experienced thus, took advantage of the frost to indulge in his favorite sport on the river Salmon Falls flowing in Somersworth, a small town in New Hampshire. But his session was quickly interrupted when the layer of ice on which he was riding suddenly shattered.

Trying not to panic, the man then begins to seriously worry because he can no longer reach the ledge, and this for several minutes. It was without counting on his Apple Watch. Indeed, the victim then directly called the 911, emergency number in the United States, from the screen on his wrist. After having assured them of risking not responding within ten minutes, he was finally able to see them arrive in half the time.

Accidents and illnesses

In addition to this kind of incident, the Watch is also capable of recording ECGs (for electrocardiograms) and has a heart rate monitor. With these two techniques, we can then be alerted to a arrhythmia, in order to deal with a potential stroke before it occurs. A real asset, at a time when video consultations are often less effective than a real doctor for this kind of health concern.

It exists to this day several models Apple Watch available for purchase. Among them, the Series 6 is the most efficient, without a doubt. But the Apple Watch SE is also a very good connected watch, especially since it is more affordable with a price well below that of its big sister.

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