The AirPods Pro launched at 279 euros. – APPLE

  • Three years after the first AirPods, Apple has launched its new AirPods Pro headphones that "20 Minutes" was quick to test.
  • Sold for 279 euros, they are now in-ear and have a noise reduction system.
  • Their quality is undeniable, even if they lack an equalizer to truly customize the use.

After the AirPods
AirPods Pro will they experience the same success fulgurant? 20 minutes tested the new Apple headphones for a week.

More discreet with their shorter white stem, AirPods Pro do not play at all the same partition as their elders. The reason ? Where the old AirPods 2016 (still on sale) arise at the entrance of the ears, the AirPods Pro introduce it. Now in-ear, the headphones delicately dig into the ear canal. Apple provides tips of different sizes (small, medium, large) supposed to adapt to all morphologies. Generally, the model medium appropriate. If you own an iPhone, a brief configuration will even allow you to evaluate which tip is right for you. Android smartphone users will go through a more traditional configuration, as with any Bluetooth headset. Pleasant to wear, the AirPods Pro keep in place. We used them at home, at the office, on the subway, in the city while walking, and even while running: the headphones did not blink and remained perfectly maintained.

Effective noise reduction

But the real novelty with the AirPods Pro is their noise reduction system. This can be triggered on the fly, with a long press on one of the small white antennas of the headphones. It is clear that this reduction is quite effective. The two microphones available to each earphone analyze the surrounding noise and contrasts a counter-noise that significantly reduces the noise outside.

The design of AirPods Pro.
The design of AirPods Pro. – APPLE

It works pretty well in transport or on the street, but a little less well in a confined environment where you can still see the voices of those present. Advances remain to be made on this point where, with the exception of the Sony headset WH-1000XM3, many noise-canceling headphones are still struggling. Note that in addition to activating the noise reduction with a long press, you can pick up / hang up a conversation or put on Play / Pause (1 click on one of the antennas), go to the next track (2 clicks) or the previous track (3 clicks). The small physical buttons on the AirPods Pro work perfectly.

No Apple sound signature

What about listening quality? Impossible here to talk about "signature sound" Apple, as we might mention speaking of headphones of the brand Bose or Sennheiser. The Cupertino house simply takes the risk of … to please everyone. Serious well present without being loud; mediums sufficiently nuanced to offer the voices presence and suavity; treble pushed to where it is necessary (but not too much) not to break the harmony of the whole: the balance is more correct no matter what the musical register listened to.

Each earphone is equipped with two microphones and a control button.
Each earphone is equipped with two microphones and a control button. – APPLE

We regret, however, that it is not possible to change the contours using an application and an equalizer. Similarly, it is impossible to change the listening volume of the AirPods Pro directly from the headphones. Go through the dedicated buttons of his smartphone is mandatory. If you have an iPhone, you can however ask the SIRI assistant to do it: "SIRI, turn up the volume …". Paradoxically, SIRI is unable to trigger or interrupt the noise reduction. Announced by Apple at 4.5 hours, the autonomy of the earphones actually struggles to reach 5 hours. Their storage box (which will fill up energy on mains or induction) can however offer them up to 20 hours of autonomy by chaining the refills.

Mention well

Whatever the detractors of the Apple brand may say, the promise of Apple is well and truly kept. Functioning perfectly, offering a reduction of relevant noise and a quality of listening more than honorable, the AirPods Pro remain musically a little too consensual to seduce the most audiophile users. Sold 279 euros, they are 50 euros more expensive than the classic AirPods, but the price difference is largely justified.