Between Microsoft and the Xbox Series X covers… It’s a long river that is not really quiet. Remember, in July 2020 we discovered (with a lot of disappointment) the next-gen covers. On the PlayStation side, there was just a shy change in colors. On the Microsoft side, no change and a big sticker very ugly ” Optimized for Xbox Series X “.

After the fairly negative feedback, Microsoft changed its plans in just a few weeks. Early August a new version Xbox Series X covers with the removal of sticker and the placement of a small, fairly minimalist “Series X” sticker on the upper right of the cover.

Real next-gen covers are coming to Xbox

Comparison Xbox Series X covers

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A few hours later the very good Xbox-Bethesda conference as part of E3 2021 and the Summer Game Fest, a new cover appeared on the Net before being quickly confirmed.

Microsoft is preparing to change the design of its covers to offer something much more refined in the coming weeks. Obviously, the very good Microsoft Flight Simulator of our little French from Asobo Studio should benefit from this new cover. Thus, this new design version could arrive as early as next month!

As shown Xbox News, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite will also have the right to this new design of the Xbox Series X covers. This design should also concern the Xbox One games (which loses a little of its interest).

The new boxes therefore become more minimalist with just a small Xbox logo, a light white banner to indicate which consoles are concerned and the additional indications (Series X optimization, 4K, Smart Delivery …) will be placed discreetly on the upper right without any background. . A refined style that we validate on our side.

And you ? What do you think of these new covers?

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