If you think the PlayStation 5 is too big, you haven’t seen anything yet. The YouTube channel ZHC has just reproduced the new console from Sony, but 100 times larger than the actual size. And against all odds, this console works perfectly. We could easily say that it is the most imposing of the PlayStation 5. It is therefore completely possible to launch any game compatible with the PS5 from with a huge console, and who says large PlayStation necessarily means large controller. ZHC has also replicated the DualSense on a console scale.

100 times bigger, 100 times more expensive

Already the PlayStation 5 is particularly bulky at its real size, this version is 100 times more. According to ZHC, it’s not just the size that has been multiplied by 100, it is also the price. In the video we can clearly hear that such a reproduction cost more than 70,000 dollars, it is about 140 times more expensive than the base price.

This video is also an opportunity for ZHC to launch a competition between him and a team of artists. ZHC will need to customize one side of the giant PS5, while the team will take care of the other, if the artists’ side is the most successful, they will all get a PlayStation 5 (full size), and multiple consoles will be handed out. to a charity. Additionally, if ZHC fails, it will gift its giant console to a subscriber. Does someone still have to agree to have this thing in their living room.

Without spoiler, ZHC has very little chance to succeed in winning this challenge. To learn more, do not hesitate to watch the video. For those still looking for where to buy a PlayStation 5, stocks are sadly empty. You can always consult our page which will notify you in real time when PS5s are available. Sony has also announced that a large restocking will be expected during the year 2021.