There is only one month left. In May, Amazon will fully enter the video game industry with the release of its first original program, which will have taken months of development work. Despite the presence of a gaming center called "Amazon Games" for more than 10 years at the Seattle firm, it was not until 2020 that a calendar became clear, around new ambitions much stronger at Amazon. For this new decade, Amazon is definitely looking at this entertainment industry, with billions of dollars in annual sales.

Yesterday, Thursday April 2, is an article from New york times who signed the first drafts of this titanic project. Amazon’s purpose: to become the "Leading creator and distributor of video games". Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on this new component in the Jeff Bezos firm's strategy. Next May will release its first original video game. It will be "Crucible", a sci-fi visual shooter. A new step, which could go as far as a video game platform of the type cloud gaming.

After music and cinema, video games

The coronavirus health crisis will not stop Amazon. In 2020 and for this new decade, the Seattle firm is rushing two feet forward in the video game industry. "It was so obvious to the customers that we had to do something", had fun saying Michael Frazzini, the current vice president of Amazon Games. "We've been working for a while, but creating games takes a long time They said to New York Times.

Naturally, video games are an industry with huge opportunities for Amazon. It is enough to cross the figures between the revenues of cinema and music, with those of the "tenth art". Over the past decade, video games have taken precedence over all other entertainment. Predictions for 2020, for example, plan that the sector will generate $ 160 billion, much more than film and music combined ($ 43 billion and $ 19 billion respectively).

Amazon New World Games

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What program for Amazon?

The New york times claims it would be one of Amazon’s largest investments in its history. In 2014, the firm bought the Twitch streaming platform for more than a billion dollars. A reference site for the community of streamers of video games, and which has allowed Amazon to get closer to its next clientele without the latter being able to cry out.

The release of "Crucible" next May will not be the only one. Amazon is also planning to launch "New World", an original video game that can be played in online multiplayer, which was developed in Amazon studios in Irvine, California. Thereafter, casual games could also take place on the Twitch platform during the summer, after which a new component could take precedence, this time in the cloud gaming.

Rumors revolve around a team working on the "Project Tempo". Like Google with Stadia, Amazon is likely to be designing a streaming video game platform that would allow players to access programs stored not on their console, but on a cloud developed by Amazon.

The first signs seem to point in the direction of this project: Amazon already has a cloud computing technology called Lumberyard, which will initially allow it to respond to the online mode of games in development. For this streaming video game platform, the sources of New york times believe that a beta version would have been planned for this year. As a result of the current health crisis, the release of Amazon's cloud gaming platform could rather be announced for 2021. The start of a "New world" maybe, for the e-commerce business.