electric car recycling

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While most car manufacturers are developing hybrid or electric models, the "clean vehicles", they are also faced with the issue of recycling batteries. Manufacturers like Audi have already announced their own initiatives in this direction.

Honda will also participate more actively. The manufacturer has just announced that it is extending a partnership with the Société Nouvelle d'Affinage des Métaux (SNAM), a battery recycling company based in Aveyron. In addition to recycling, the objective is now to give a second life to used batteries.

A growing need

Honda press release specifies that the firm has been working with SNAM since 2013 " to ensure the traceability of end-of-life batteries and dispose of them in accordance with European Union environmental standards " Now, the Japanese manufacturer, which plans new electric models in Europe in the coming years, wishes to give a " second life To these batteries.

He thus declares that this " Pan-European agreement will allow SNAM to collect and recycle the batteries of a growing number of Honda hybrid and electric vehicles and potentially prepare them for or extract "second life" renewable energy storage uses precious materials for recycling "

Terms that remind us of the Volkswagen program. The latter plans to use used batteries – which can still store up to 80% of their original capacity in charging stations.

Delay the deadline

Because the recycling industry is preparing and improving. France has two large companies specializing in the field, including SNAM, but manufacturers are trying to push the deadline for each battery. Tom Gardner, Vice President of Honda Motor Europe said: " As demand for Honda's hybrid and electric cars continues to grow, so does the need to manage batteries in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Recent market developments allow us to use these batteries in a second application to power businesses or use improved recycling techniques "

In Europe, the sector expects to record 700,000 tonnes of batteries for recycling in 2035, reports the Parisian. Currently, that number is 15,000.

Honda adds that the collection of batteries will be done in a way " safe and low carbon Without giving further details. This collection may be requested by the dealers on the SNAM website: the company will respond within 15 working days, " so dealers do not have to store batteries on their premises "

Source: Honda