We are not always fully aware of this, but the video game industry largely dominates the entertainment market worldwide. To take just one striking example, sales in this sector reached $ 43.4 billion in 2018 in the United States, more than the revenues of world cinema in that same year.

Such results inevitably attract lust and do not leave indifferent the tech giants, starting with Google which launched its cloud gaming platform Stadia, with results for the moment quite mixed. Facebook is not outdone with its streaming platform dedicated to gaming who intends to carve croupiers at Twitch.

It’s now Amazon’s turn to enter the market. According to OneZero, Jeff Bezos’s firm is even poised to make a dramatic entry into the video game industry. She would first focus on leaving triple A games to create a community of players. The next step would be the release of a very innovative cloud gaming platform that would build on the strengths of the business.

Crucible and New World, two major games released this year

So Amazon first set out to create games of its own. The firm has been communicating on it for years. Crucible and New world were already announced in 2016. The first should have been released on March 31, but the travel bans linked to the coronavirus pandemic wanted otherwise and it will finally be released on May 26. Its development was certainly not a long, calm river and the game would have been redesigned several times.

On its site, Amazon Games describes it as a rather atypical shooter: “ Every game in Crucible is a fight for survival and control. Not only will you face your competitors, but you will have to adapt and overcome all the challenges that the planet itself poses for you. You and your teammates will have to work together to eliminate the alien creatures, capture objectives and chase your opponents in search of victory. "

New world, which was due out in May, has been pushed back to August 25. The closed beta is expected to land in July. This MMO is also very ambitious. The game includes phases of invasion by human and supernatural invaders. So expect epic battles and very careful combat preparations. The set could prove to be very addictive for fans of the genre.

It will be necessary to see if Amazon manages to create a community on these two games which bet on registers currently very popular with gamers. If this is the case, the company hopes to rely on these two installments for the launch of its other ambitious project: a cloud gaming platform.

"Project Tempo": bringing together all the assets of Amazon to revolutionize the industry

This is an initiative that has been drawing the attention of the tech giant’s teams for quite some time. Amazon was working on a "Project Tempo" that would correspond to the launch of a cloud gaming platform. OneZero also confirms the information given at the beginning of the month by the New york times and even advance May as possible launch date. However, this seems rather complicated given the context, and the company could still wait several months or even 2021.

In any case, the company has many assets to succeed in this market. It can count on the millions of subscribers to its Prime service. Amazon will also build on the new games we mentioned above and on the newly created Relentless studio. She can also use the strength of her Twitch streaming service to accompany her on this adventure. Finally, the firm will benefit from Amazon Web Services to run its servers, which is a significant advantage over its competitors.

Much like Epic Games, Amazon has also decided since 2018 to offer free video games to its Amazon Prime customers in the United States, which they can access via Twitch. It’s a way to build public loyalty by allowing them to create a substantial library. The company even launched a new application which allows you to manage the installation and uninstallation of games. It could very well undergo an update in the future and become a showcase for its new project.

Amazon is therefore trying to put the odds on its side by refining a platform with serious arguments to attract players. We will follow the evolution of the "Tempo project" carefully, but as with video streaming, the battle between the giants of the sector should once again be played out. on the catalog of games offered and on the exclusives.