2020 has been a very favorable year for video game players. All indicators are green and while most industries are lamenting losses, the video game industry is expected to generate $ 163.1 billion in 2020, or 11 billion more than in 2019, according to figures from the company specializing in TechNet recruiting.

Game consoles and cloud gaming can coexist

In this context, cloud gaming is particularly successful. As a reminder, the principle is simple: allow you to play the big games of the moment on devices that do not normally have the power necessary to launch them. In fact, most of the big tech giants already have their services. While Microsoft and Sony have been launching xCloud and PlayStation Now for a while, Google has joined them with Stadia. Amazon is not to be outdone with the release of Luna, as is Facebook, which is gradually deploying the beta version of its platform.

A recent study by Piplsay conducted in the United States with 24,000 people has everything to make these companies optimistic. Respondents thus estimate at 52% that the containment measures decided upon following the covid-19 pandemic have increased their interest in on-demand gaming. 44% of them have already subscribed to a service and 23% plan to do so in the future. Of those who have already taken the plunge, 33% have subscribed to PlayStation Now, while 32% are Xbox Game Pass customers. Finally, 10% opted for Stadia.

When asked if services like Stadia could ultimately destroy traditional console gaming, gamers still seem very divided. 40% think so, but 32% believe that the two models will coexist.

These results confirm the trends observed in another study conducted by the analysis company Clarivate. After reviewing numerous patents, trademark and domain name filings, experts are very confident about the future of cloud gaming.