Available for a few days now, the new Xbox Series X and Series S have not been accompanied by any game ” next-gen“. A choice on the part of Microsoft, with Xboxes which will currently offer games ” Optimized“, But who will have to wait until 2021 to run the first real titles designed (and developed) for them. Despite everything, at launch, Microsoft had prepared some new features, with the excellent Gears Tactics for example, but also a more confidential title: The Falconeer (also available on Xbox One).

The Falconeer on Xbox Series X at the best price

The Falconeer: the good surprise on Xbox Series X?

The Falconeer is a relatively original title, since the latter draws its inspiration from certain hits of yesteryear (Panzer Dragoon in particular, but also Crimson Skies, which some were able to play on the first Xbox). Elements that obviously appeal to some (old) players, and a Falconeer that places the player in the Grand Ursee, an oceanic world filled with ships and life. Embodying a pilot, the player will have to carry out many missions … on the back of a giant war falcon.

The Falconeer

The plot is rather original, just like the universe, with an oceanic world that is not necessarily very detailed and quite empty on the whole, but not disagreeable for all that. While walking in the playing area, we discover new areas, which will allow you to carry out campaign missions, but also side missions, or even merchants, to improve your mount.

On the gameplay side, The Falconeer therefore offers the player the opportunity to travel at will in a relatively large open world, with a rather pleasant RPG side, without being overwhelming, each mission accomplished increasing the stats of our falcon. Our winged companion is equipped with a weapon to eradicate enemies, which must be reloaded via … lightning. The handling of the falcon is quite simple overall, unlike the general progression, which seriously lacks binding.

A game that struggles to get the player on board

Indeed, we are quickly lost in The Falconeer. Difficult to distinguish between the main quests, the side quests… It is also difficult to fully immerse yourself in this universe, which is nevertheless very pleasant visually, but with ultra-repetitive missions, the real interest of which is difficult to understand. The game also tries to establish a history of alliances with other camps, but we have to admit that the sauce does not really take and that the whole is too disjointed to embark the player …

The Falconeer

To play, The Falconeer remains rather pleasant, with a lively frame, which will therefore sometimes make some “mistakes”, especially in a sudden change of direction, or which is also very sensitive to drafts. Likewise, like a living being, our falcon has a tendency to deviate slightly from its trajectory if it is not regularly called to order via the left stick. Friendly. Overall, the handling is fairly easy to access, even if you have to deal with an overheating system of its ammunition tanks which can annoy …

The Falconeer

Overall, The Falconeer is unfortunately very quickly flat, and if the curiosity of the first missions quickly gives way to some boredom. Ditto on the scenario side, with a story that is difficult to understand as much as to adhere to. On the screen, yes, it’s clean, with even very nice effects and a sought-after artistic direction, but with the controller in hand, that’s something else …

Isn’t he next-gen my hawk?

Graphically, Xbox Series X requires, The Falconeer is displayed on our Smart TVs in 4K and 60 images / second (and even 120 fps if you have a compatible screen). Still happy would one be tempted to say, the game being generally enough ” simple Visually speaking. For the record, the game also runs at 1800p and 60 fps on Xbox Series S… just like on Xbox One S for that matter (but in 1080p). As you can see, technically The Falconeer is not a next-gen game, but we’re getting used to that. This does not prevent the game from offering some very beautiful sequences on the screen, to be immortalized via the Share button, or via the very successful Photo Mode.

The Falconeer

In this regard, it is (very) important to point out that The Falconeer is the work of one man, namely Tomas Sala. Of course, this does not erase the faults of this The Falconeer, but we have to admit that the developer has managed on his own (or almost) to offer a title that holds up technically, without bugs and other worries. major techniques, and which offers some nice moments of play despite everything. A performance that some studios employing dozens of developers are still struggling to achieve (no, we will not say who) …

Our opinion on The Falconeer

With a very successful artistic touch, and not necessarily unpleasant to play (at the beginning at least), The Falconeer still struggles to get the player on board. The plot is too disjointed, the missions are very repetitive and the whole has more the airs of ephemeral contemplative work than of a video game which takes the guts from its introduction to its epilogue. Soar through the skies aboard a majestic Warbird and take part in ” fast and brutal aerial combat “(According to Microsoft), however, really had something to seduce on paper. Pity…

The Falconeer

€ 29.99

The Falconeer test

WE love

  • Artistic direction
  • Not visually unpleasant
  • Controlling a hawk is original

We like less

  • A game that has trouble getting the player on board
  • Not really exciting overall
  • Ultra-repetitive
  • The unbalanced difficulty
  • We get bored pretty quickly