While we are still awaiting news of the release of the next model of Apple smartphone, experts already agree on the fact that it should be marketed at a most affordable price …

After its fabulous iPhone 11 unveiled last September, all eyes are now on the next smartphone from the Apple brand. If the number 12 is already flowing ink, it should be preceded by another model that would belong to the mid-range. Four years after the release of the iPhone SE, the Cupertino company is preparing to offer it a successor!

While there is still doubt as to its name – iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9? – it is above all its cost that feeds the debates on the Web. Of course, Apple has yet to say a word about it, which does not prevent a few voices from rising to give their estimates. Good news: they agree on the price.

A month ago, analyst Ming-Chui Kuo, who specializes in the business of the Apple brand and well known in the tech world, was advancing as well as the iPhone 9 or SE2, call it what you want, should go on sale in the United States at 399 dollars. As a reminder, this was what Apple’s first mid-range model cost in 2016, sold in France at 489 euros (including VAT, while VAT had to be added to the bill across the Atlantic).

An outing… in April?

Also do we want to believe that the Californian giant will effectively keep this base price for the successor to the iPhone SE … But at the same time, it is clear that it likes to increase its prices with each new release – if not for the iPhone 11, much cheaper than its predecessor. So, will Apple market its new mid-range model for less than 500 euros? Well, new murmurs tend to answer “yes”. This time it is the media Fast Company who in turn says, citing an anonymous source in an article published on February 7, that the iPhone 9 or SE2 should be sold for $ 399 across the Atlantic.

Besides the question of the price, which could therefore be a hell of a competition for Android devices, and while rumors are circulating that it looks very similar to that of the iPhone 8, experts also seem to know when the iPhone 9 or SE 2 will land on the stalls. At least, approximately. At the end of last month, the agency Bloomberg had indeed announced the launch of mass production in February of the device, for an official presentation by Apple in April. 2020, of course. So it could be imminent!

Sources: 01Net, FastCompany, Bloomberg