A game in the game!

Gearbox Software and 2K are proud to announce the launch of the Borderlands Science program today. This is a new interactive game within the Borderlands 3 video game, which invites players to map the human gut microbiome, to advance vital medical studies while earning rewards for use in the game.

This major initiative is the result of international partnerships between researchers and scientists from McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and The Microsetta Initiative at the UC Faculty of Medicine in San Diego.

In reality, this results in a game in the form of a chain of bricks of four different shapes and colors. Players connect these colored shapes to help scientists assess the similarities between each microbe.

A game to advance vital medical studies

According to Gearbox and 2K: "che project brings together the skills of players and applies them to the mapping of the human intestinal biome, saving medical researchers hundreds of thousands of hours of computer training to achieve the same result".

In practice, the more players are able to solve puzzles, the more they help decode the human gut microbiome, while earning rewards that can be used in the game Borderlands 3.

" We created MMOS to link scientific research to video games as a seamless gaming experience, and that's exactly what it has become. I believe that Borderlands 3 players helping microbiome research will change our perception of video gamesSays Attila Szantner, CEO and co-founder of MMOS. Borderlands 3 has been available on PS4, Xbox One, PC since the end of last year.