Twitter years ago that incorporated the verification in two steps in its service, initially through SMS and later with alternative systems such as applications such as Google Authenticator or security keys. However, it was still necessary to have a phone number associated with the account.

That has changed today, when Twitter has announced that you can now Enroll in two-phase authentication without a phone number, using at the moment an authentication application like Google Authenticator. Although security keys are also supported, at the moment they cannot be used as a single alternative to SMS.

Two-step verification without phone number

Of the two-step verification types, verification by SMS is the most common as well as the least secure. The problem is that it is relatively simple for a sufficiently motivated attacker to do SIM Swap or, what is the same, duplicate your SIM card and thus obtain the verification code, thus being able to reset both the password and obtain the security code.

That is why most services are including safer alternatives such as specialized applications like Google Authenticator. Twitter already allowed you for a couple of years to disable SMS verification and use an identification application instead, but there was a condition: your account should remain linked to a phone number. That has changed.

Two-step verification without phone number

When registering a new account on Twitter, you can do so using a phone number or an email address. If on your day you chose a phone number, it will be linked to your Twitter account and, if you want to remove it, you could not use two-step verification. Now it is possible so, if you want, you can delete your Twitter phone number.

Doing it from the Twitter app is very easy. In the menu, enter Settings and privacy and go to the section Account. There, play on Phone to display the menu with three options. Choose Delete phone number and then you must confirm your intentions. If you did not have an associated phone number, this step is unnecessary.


With no phone number, you can still use two-step verification. To do this, from the same menu above, enter Security and then in Two-phase authentication. Choose from the list Authentication application, which will take you to the configuration wizard. First of all you must enter your current Twitter password.


Then comes the easiest part. Click Link app now and a code management application installed on the system, such as Google Authenticator, will automatically open. You must accept save the password for this account and that's it.


From that moment, when you log in with your Twitter account that does not have a linked phone number, you can use the additional security of the codes generated by a security application. In fact, you must enter the generated code to complete the process.

Via | Engadget