It’s a little moment of panic that iPhone owners hate to experience. The one where you can no longer find your device, and where you think you have lost 14,387 photos, 753 videos and lots of confidential information related to applications, bank accounts … In short, a real potential drama. Fortunately, there is a solution: localization.

While we thought that the geolocation of cell phones was reserved for spies like Jack Bauer, James Bond and all their little friends from the CIA or the FBI, it has become more democratic with the arrival of GPS on devices.

From then on, it became possible to be able to find all the lost telephones, most of the time through dedicated applications, in which we had been able to save the coordinates of the device. Only, this technique had a flaw: impossible to locate the iPhone if it was turned off, or with a completely empty battery. Unless you work for intelligence services … So Apple engineers have developed a system to be able to find a lost iPhone, even if it is no longer on. Here are the different steps to make the operation possible and complete it.

First of all, you must have a version later than iOS 8. If your model is recent or you regularly update, there will be no problem. Then you have to go to Settings, scroll the menu to his Apple ID, then click on the line iCloud. Then, scroll down the menu until you see Find my iPhone, then Send last position, and therefore activate these two options. Thus, the position of the phone is sent to Apple’s servers as soon as its charge level becomes critical. By logging into your Apple account, it is then possible to check the last known position of your iPhone. Beware of the great moment of loneliness if it is simply in your jacket pocket …

How to prevent turning off the tracking in the event of theft

The advantage of this solution is that it can be applied from any computer, tablet or smartphone, without the device used necessarily being Apple brand. And it also allows these options to be locked. So in case of theft, the scoundrels will not be able to deactivate the location and prevent you from finding your iPhone. For that, you have to go to Settings, then General. Select Restrictions, and there you will have to define a four-digit code, if it had not already been done. Then scroll until you find Localization service, and select the option No change.

This way, no one can stop you from finding your iPhone. Security measures to be taken beforehand, but which can really make this very unpleasant moment when you no longer find your device a little less delicate.

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