Today is finally the release of the PS5 in France. Like millions of Japanese and American players, it is the turn of Europeans to embark on the new generation of PlayStation consoles. Whether you are new or experienced, here is a quick guide to launch your PS5 very easily and migrate from your PS4 to your PS5 with ease.

You will see that on this point, Sony makes our life easier, because it is really possible to change machines in just five minutes, watch in hand!

Connecting the PS5

PS5 connection


You shouldn’t have any problems with the PS5 connections, as they are exactly the same as the PS4 / PS4 Slim or even the PS4 Pro. A power supply, an HDMI cable, an Ethernet socket for those who want to connect their console to the internet by cable and two USB ports (for the PS4 camera adapter for example).

Do not reflex to just replace your console with the old power supply and the old HDMI cable from your PS4. The HDMI cable offered with the PS5 is 2.1 and will offer better quality.

Just like on Xbox, it will now be necessary to do without the optical input which is no longer available on PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition.


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Connect to your PS5

PS5 Connection


Once the console is on, you will have to validate many steps which will consist of setting the language, date and time of your console. But also to connect to the internet. Nothing very complicated, just validate each step.

You will then arrive at the step to open your account. If you own a PS3, PS VITA, and / or PS4 and have a PlayStation Network account, all you need to do is sign in to get access to all of the games, DLC, and other stuff you bought from PlayStation Store.

If this is your first time on PlayStation, then you will need to click on “First Steps” and create a PlayStation Network account. Do not hesitate to follow our guide to find out how to do it.

PS5 menu


You then arrive on the main menu of the PS5. You are facing the brand new interface of the PS5 which is quite interesting. If you want a full tour of the latter, our guide (written and video) is already available at this address. Do not hesitate to discover the accessibility options of this PS5.

The first step will therefore be to recover the data you have on your PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro. To do this, go to the console settings.


Transfer your PS4 data to your PS5

PS4 to PS5 transfer


From this menu, go to the sixth category with the “System” part.

PS4 to PS5 transfer


In this new menu, stay on the first tab “System Software” and go to the “Data Transfer” option.

PS4 to PS5 transfer


You will then have this first message displayed to explain what the data transfer consists of. Of course, your personal account cannot be transferred (since you just need to connect to your PS5 to find your friends, your purchases, etc.).

No deletion of data on your old PS4 (although it is advisable to restore the console if you decide to part with it). Once you are ready, click “continue”.

PS4 to PS5 transfer


You will then have to turn on your PS4 and connect your two consoles (PS4 and PS5) to the same wifi network (or connect them together via an Ethernet cable). Once done, press “continue” and the transfer will be done by itself.

To play !

PS5 interface Librarian as games


Once done, all of your data will be available on your PS5. Your games, DLCs, saves, purchases, screenshots and video clips, etc… Your PS5 will be ready to use.