It’s decided, you’ve made the decision to replace your Xbox One X (or S) with the brand new Xbox Series X! Obviously, you want to keep your profile (Gamertag), but also find on your new console your settings, your games, not to mention your essential backups and Achievements. At this level, the work of Microsoft is quite remarkable, since in just a few minutes, your Xbox Series X or S will have definitely taken the place of your old console.

Xbox One X / Xbox Series X: connections side

Regarding the connection of the new Xbox Series X (and Series S), the latter could not be simpler… since it is in all respects identical to that of your current Xbox One X (or S).

Xbox Series SX test

In other words, you can totally use the cables (power and HDMI) used by your old console on the new generation of Xbox (perhaps changing the HDMI cable to an HDMI 2.1 cable, depending on your Smart TV).

Xbox Series SX test

Only the optical input (if you used it) will be a problem, since the new generation is completely devoid of it. That, and the HDMI in… In just a few seconds, your Xbox Series X is installed, and then comes the exciting and dreaded moment of the first start.

Xbox Series SX test

Xbox One X / Xbox Series X: Initial Setup

When you turn it on for the first time, your new Xbox will ask you for just a few information, starting with access to the Internet network, without forgetting your Gamertag. It will then suffice to enter the email address and the associated password, to immediately find his profile, which includes Successes, the list of Friends …

It only takes a few minutes to connect with your profile and display the dashboard of the new Xbox Series X and S (with the added bonus of the new dynamic theme).

Note that the configuration can be done by associating the Xbox application of your smartphone to the console (via a simple digital code), but this is not mandatory. You can of course carry out the entire operation using the force of the pad, which will also allow you to take control of the new (and very successful) Xbox controller for the first time.

Of course, at this point, your Xbox Series X / S is still completely devoid of any game … but that will (more or less) quickly change, depending on your web connection.

Xbox One X / Xbox Series X: (re) download your games and saves

To download the digital versions of your games again, just go to My games, then Complete Library, then All games Owned. From here, you can download the games of your choice, which will snap into the console’s download manager.

In this regard, the download manager has not really changed, and the latter still manages the waiting list in a rather chaotic way, and can only perform one download at a time. With a connection ” the country »Of 15 Mbps, it took us more than 5 days (non-stop) to download about 30 games, and fill the SSD of the Xbox Series X to the brim.

Suffice to say that those who have a somewhat weak connection risk experiencing some intense (and long) moments of frustration … Of course, to avoid going through the network box, you can also transfer your games to a disk on / external SSD, then reintegrate them into his new Xbox. By the way, if your ” Ancient »Xbox is still connected to the network, you can also perform a« back up“, By transferring all the data from your old console to the new one, via the home network.

Xbox Series SX test

Finally, in terms of game backups, the system developed by Microsoft is an example of efficiency, since the backups are associated with the player’s profile. Therefore, all you have to do is launch a game, and the system automatically retrieves the last save via the cloud. Once the game is launched, we find its part as we left it previously. Perfect.

By way of comparison, at PlayStation, it is imperative to have a PS Plus account (paid) to be able to repatriate your game saves from the cloud, or, again, to opt for an external storage solution. So to think about if you plan to replace your PS4 with the upcoming PS5.

Xbox Series X: a disconcertingly easy installation / configuration

As you can see, it only takes a few minutes to connect and initialize your new Xbox Series X or S, when you already have an Xbox One X or S. connections are identical, and the Gamertag system is just formidable in efficiency.

We still regret a download manager always so disastrous, and those who have a small connection will have to be patient to redownload the largest games. Of course, the first time you turn on your new Xbox, you’re not immune from a (more or less large) system update either.