Do you know that even with a mask on your mouth and nose, you can unlock your iPhone via Face ID? As long as you wear an Apple Watch on your arm. This is practical if you have the duo in question, iPhone + Apple watch to avoid having to enter the alphanumeric code as soon as you want to use your smartphone while you are in public transport or in the stores, masked.

Theoretically, this should also work with a scarf therefore. In any case, here is the manipulation to be performed to take advantage of this Face ID unlocking underpinned by the watch.

What are the conditions for using Face ID unlocking via Apple Watch?

  • You need an iPhone running iOS 14.5 or later. All iPhone with Face ID are therefore compatible
  • You have to wear an Apple Watch with the arm powered by watchOS 7.4 mini. Apple Watch Series 3, SE and more recent models are therefore compatible.
  • The Appel Watch must be correctly paired with the iPhone in question
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be enabled on iPhone and Apple Watch
  • On the watch, a descrambling code must be in place
  • On the watch, wrist detection must be enabled

How to activate the feature?

  • See you in Settings> Face ID and code
  • Enter the code to access the page in question
  • Find the option “Unlock with Apple Watch” and activate it
  • Validate the operation by choosing “Activate” on the pop-up window
Face ID and Apple Watch


How does it work in practice?

You are in a supermarket, for example, with an iPhone in your pocket. You want to consult your shopping list on the latter. But it is locked and you are protected by a medical mask hiding your mouth and nose:

  • Take out your iPhone and activate it by lifting it up or touching its screen
  • Pay attention to the iOS device, as you usually would to unlock it with Face ID
  • IPhone unlocks like you’re not wearing a mask
  • The watch produces haptic feedback and displays an alert that the iPhone has been unlocked

On the watch, you have the option to relock the iPhone immediately, which can be useful in the event that the iPhone unlocked was accidental.

To know

As Apple clarified on his website, the watch does not rely on Face ID to unlock the iPhone. Also, the feature can be used only to unlock iPhone with Face ID and not to make Apple Pay payment or retrieve a keychain password.

Who among you benefits from this iPhone unlock feature through Apple Watch? – Official app

By: Keleops AG