Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast, was recruited by Facebook Gaming this week. His name may not tell you anything but the streamer is followed by over a million people on Twitch. When asked by CNN, he said: " I received an offer from each major streaming platform, but I decided to choose Facebook because I think its potential is the most important. Changing platforms is always a risk, but my research has reinforced my choice. "This transfer represents a very nice move for the social network, but it illustrates above all the struggle between streaming services to recruit the most popular video makers.

Twitch is not affected by these departures

The most emblematic case of this battle is none other than Ninja, the most popular streamer in the world, who spent this summer from Twitch to Mixer. His departure is a big blow, his channel where he streamed live on the game Fortnite account in fact almost 15 million subscribers. At the time, Mixer had welcomed this choice: " We are excited to welcome Ninja and its community to Mixer. Mixer is a place that has been created to be positive and welcoming from the first day. We look forward to the energy that Ninja and his community will bring. "

Especially since things did not stop there since in October, Shroud, another very popular player has also moved from Twitch to Mixer. A real flight of talent that does not seem to benefit the Microsoft platform for the moment. For the third quarter, we note a drop in the number of hours viewed (-10.6%) and the average number of viewers per channel. Conversely, Twitch sees the number of hours watched increase (+ 4.5%) and an increase in the average number of viewers per channel.

It remains to be seen how the streaming service will withstand the duration of these many departures. Especially as new platforms are embarking on the video game streaming market. This is particularly the case of Caffeine who also relies on the recruitment of stars to boost its audience.