A month ago, the video game event was the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons. An ultra-awaited game from the fans of the saga. It must be said that the wait was long, since the last opus was released in 2013 on Nintendo 3DS. Announced at the end of 2018 for a release in 2019, the game was postponed for the first time before seeing its date set for March 2020. Fans were still there and around the world the game exploded sales records . Even if we do not yet have official figures from Nintendo, it is a safe bet that this opus "New Horizons" is now leading the sales in the saga. As a reminder, the two best opuses in terms of sales are currently Wild World (2005 on DS) and New Leaf (2013 on 3DS) with almost 14 million units sold for the two opuses.

While waiting for the official figures, we learn that the game has brought down all the scores of the license in the USA. Since its launch, the game has sold better than all the Animal Crossing license games, but even better, still in the United States only, this last game has generated revenues that exceed those of all the games combined. And it doesn’t seem to stop for Nintendo.


Animal Crossing – The phenomenon that will explode everything?

This is a nice 9/10 that we awarded to Animal Crossing New Horizons during our test. Because yes, this is the perfect little game for this period. Cute, colorful, and terribly benevolent, Animal Crossing is the perfect game to escape and live your little life on an island paradise. If after a month, players around the world have found the perfect little place to live happy days (like Audie, 88, who has accumulated more than 4,300 hours of games on the previous installment of Animal Crossing), it chances are millions of other players can arrive in the coming weeks and months. Because in addition to the fairly generous content of the game, Nintendo intends to offer many free events and updates on the game over the years. We had the example of this with the Easter egg hunt event, and we will soon have other events like this.

The upcoming program on Animal Crossing New Horizons!


It was during a video that Nintendo detailed all the things to come on its latest game. Prepare your notes, because there is a busy program until the end of June!

  • Racine store opens – The inhabitant Racine is going to open her nomad shop which will wander all over your island to sell you various things like shoots of shrubs or seeds of flowers.
  • The arrival of Rounard – Today, watch the coasts of your island! Because at any time, Rounard can come and dock there with his boat. You will then be able to buy works of art, or even furniture with the new colors not available in the Nook store. Be careful not to get trapped and buy the real works and not the copies! You will then be able to exhibit them, sell them or make donations to the museum!
  • Nature Day (April 23 – May 4) – Since Friday, Animal Crossing celebrates the days of nature with additional Nook Points miles to earn with challenges to achieve in connection with nature.
  • The May 1 event – From May 1 until May 7, you will be able to use a very special ticket to go to a very special island! And according to rumors, a well-known silhouette awaits you on this mysterious island!
  • International Museum Day (May 18 – May 31) – From May 18 until the end of the month, you will celebrate international museum days! Claim your stamp card, and go for a study of fish, insects and other fossils to win the competition with necessarily a reward!
  • Wedding season (June 1 – June 30) – Finally, all of June will be centered around … Weddings! Go to Joe's Island to meet Risette and Serge and help them take some pretty pictures to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As a reward, you will be entitled to unique gifts!