2020 Hyundai Nexo

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While Tesla recently announced developments regarding its remote intelligent parking assistance function, Rerverse Summon, Hyundai is organizing a recall of several models following the discovery of a flaw in this functionality, identified in South Korea last March.

Its intelligent parking assistance system normally allows you to park a vehicle in a narrow parking lot without being behind the wheel of the vehicle. However, this poses a problem: a flaw has been detected and must be corrected to make the autonomous vehicle more reliable and safer.

Hyundai recalls 11,870 Sonata and Nexo from June 4, 2020

NHTSA, the US federal agency responsible for road safety, is organizing a recall of 11,870 Hyundai vehicles to resolve the identified flaw in the intelligent remote parking system.

Fortunately, no injuries have yet been reported, however, the problem assumes that by using the Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA), the car may not stop in the event of a problem. It could then strike a neighboring vehicle, a wall or a person.

The recall of the affected vehicles will begin on June 4, 2020 and will allow the dealer to reprogram the RSPA in order to resolve the problem.

The recall comes several months after concerns about the security of Tesla's Smart Summon system were raised. Tesla and Hyundai's smart parking aids are different, but it reminds us that we are only at the beginning of these new technologies.