The manufacturer Hyundai unveils its first concept of Unmanned Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), called TIGER. It is the acronym for ” Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot », Or an intelligent and transformable ground excursion robot.

Hyundai on the Transformers track

The new Hyundai TIGER is currently under development at Hyundai Motor Group’s New Horizons studio. This is a studio whose goal is to develop Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMV) by leveraging the research and development leadership of Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs.

Hyundai TIGER

It is obvious, TIGER is not intended to replace your Renault Clio or your Peugeot 208, no. TIGER is designed to be used as a mobile science exploration platform in remote locations with extreme conditions. It is designed from a modular platform architecture, including a sophisticated leg and wheel system, 360 degree directional control and a host of sensors for observation at distance.

It can also be responsible for transporting products to be delivered, distributing packages, and managing all kinds of extreme situations while ensuring the stability of the loads it transports, “much better than any conventional land vehicle”According to Hyundai. If it can move on four wheels (drive), TIGER can also walk, to move on rough terrain for example, via its articulated legs.

This vehicle concept thus has the capabilities required to observe the ground surface over 360 degrees, especially in disaster areas after a natural disaster, while being able to navigate on difficult to access terrain, or even explore the surface of another star / planet”Explains Hyundai.