Volkswagen ID4

Volkswagen has confirmed that the ID.4 will be the brand's first electric crossover and has released new images showing a line close to the market version.

Based on the MEB platform, common to ID.3, the new electric SUV from the German brand, worthy heir to the ID.Crozz prototype, will offer different configurations of engines and batteries to meet all demands.

500 km of autonomy thanks to the optimized aerodynamics of the ID.4

The manufacturer from Wolfsburg has made its engineering teams work on optimizing the aerodynamics of the ID.4 in order to obtain the most fluid lines possible and opposing only the lowest air resistance in order increase the autonomy of the new electric SUV.

Volkswagen announces a range of up to almost 500 km depending on the engine configuration and the chosen battery pack. When it is launched, the ID.4 will only be available in a propulsion version, but a four-wheel drive version will soon be offered.

The rear engine will develop 205 horsepower and the battery should have a maximum capacity of 77 kWh just like the ID.3, but eventually other capacities will be offered to customers like its little sister which, it offers batteries from 45 and 58 kWh in addition to the 77 kWh.

Low center of gravity for better handling and a spacious interior

To create a dynamic driving experience, the battery pack will be located at the most central point of the vehicle. Thus, the center of gravity is, as on most electric vehicles, the lowest possible and the distribution of masses optimized by its central position.

The handling of the Volkswagen ID.4 is therefore also optimized, and to perfect the user experience, the cabin is very spacious thanks to the reduced size of the electric transmission and the traction battery placed under the floor.

The operator station will be fully digitalized and the driver will control all functions with intuitive voice and touch controls. For the moment, the Volkswagen group has not announced the release date or the price of its new crossover, it will be necessary to wait a little more for more details.

Source: Engadget