IKEA is used to establishing collaborations with other brands in order to offer products that are often unusual, but also remarkably well thought out and useful in everyday life. Two years after a superb collaboration with Sonos, IKEA announced that it had partnered with ASUS ROG to set up a range of furniture and accessories dedicated to gaming. Today, this merger is finally taking shape, since the Swedish brand has just announced the launch of a new range made up of more than 30 products dedicated to the gaming world. Already available in China, IKEA is preparing to sell these new products around the world in the coming months.

Accessible gaming

This range is actually made up of 6 sub-categories: HUVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UPPSPEL and LÅNESPELARE, courage for pronunciation. In terms of design we find perfectly the paste of the Swedish giant with very sober and elegant products covered in white. But we remind you, IKEA is in collaboration with ASUS ROG on this range, most of the items will therefore display the colors black and red, symbols of the Taiwanese firm.

In its market research, IKEA has identified no less than 2.5 billion gamers around the world, and this data continues to increase. Despite the declarations of the First Lady of France, the gaming sector is booming and attracts more and more curious people. Twitch’s results for the year 2020 bear witness to this. This is why IKEA has said it wants “Democratize the gaming experience, by creating relevant, functional, beautiful and affordable products and complete gaming solutions to make it easier for everyone to create the configuration and home they want”.

As usual, the Swedish brand prefers to pull out of the game, rather than follow the trend. The products offered by IKEA do not display LEDs and other popular effects in this universe, the company prefers as always to offer simple furniture, but robust, and above all accessible to the greatest number.