The year 2020 is therefore a record year for video games on social networks. At least on the famous blue bird network since for the first time in the history of Twitter, the bar of two billion tweets related to gaming has been exceeded! Of course, between the growing popularity of the social network and confinement, all the themes have seen their statistics increased this year. However, the video game has one of the best progressions with a 75% increase over 2019!

Out of these two billion tweets, which events caused the most reaction? The most popular games? The most followed influencers? We take stock right away!

The biggest video game trends in 2020 on Twitter

Most Followed Video Game Themes on Twitter in 2020

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In 2020, it is therefore “Gaming” in general which made the players react the most, as well as the “Gaming News”. The first specific theme comes in third with Esport, then from fifth with PlayStation, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Animal Crossing and Xbox.

The most tweeted video game accounts

Twitter 2020 the most tweeted video game accounts

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For this year 2020, the official Animal Crossing account has received the most requests from players! Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact figures, but we can see that the big blockbusters like Call of Duty, CyberPunk 2077 or even Assassin’s Creed are missing subscribers!

  1. Animal Crossing
  2. Twisted-Wonderland
  3. Final fantasy
  4. Fortnite
  5. Ensemble Stars!
  6. Game Knives Out
  7. Genshin Impact
  8. Apex Legends
  9. IdentityVJP

The most tweeted events

Twitter 2020 Video Game Event

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As for the video game events that were the most popular in 2020 on Twitter, we find ourselves in first place the Game Awards ceremony, the great video game festival that rewards each year the best games and the best players in the gaming industry. In second position, it is the event ” The Future of Gaming From PlayStation in June 2020 to unveil the PlayStation 5 and its first games. In third position, we find the digital edition of the “TGS” Tokyo Game Show 2020. In fourth position is the 2020 edition of Niconico Net Chokaigi and finally, the event Xbox Game Showcase July 2020 closes the top in fifth position.

The most active countries

Twitter 2020 Video Game Active Countries

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Not surprisingly, Japan is well ahead of the most active countries in video games on Twitter. Just behind, we find the United States. We can see that Europe is not very well represented with only the UK in sixth position, France in seventh and Spain in tenth.

Video games on Twitter in 2020

Other themes were important on Twitter in 2020 allowing for a record year. Thus, the most sought-after personalities are:

  1. @ibaillanos
  2. @ rubiu5
  3. @jack_septic_eye
  4. @ninja
  5. @pokimanelol
  6. @timthetatman
  7. @BadBoyHalo
  8. @technothepig
  9. @georgenotfound
  10. @Corpse_Husband

As for Esport competitions, the ones that caused the most reaction in 2020 are:

  1. League of Legends Worlds
  2. EVO in Japan 2020
  3. CB League of Legends Split 2 Finals 2020
  4. 2020 Call of Duty League Championship
  5. 2020 Overwatch League Grand Final

The Esport teams that were most in demand in 2020 are:

  1. Clan FaZe (@fazeclan)
  2. G2 Esports (@ G2esports)
  3. mibr (@mibr)
  4. Fnatic (@fnatic)
  5. PaiN Gaming (@paiNGamingBR)
  6. T1 (@ T1)
  7. Cloud9 (@ Cloud9)
  8. Furia (@FURIA)
  9. Flamengo Esports (@flaesports)
  10. 100 thieves (@ 100 thieves)

Still in Esport, here are the most followed athletes in 2020:

  1. @Mongraal
  2. @benjyfishy
  3. @Scump
  4. @Bugha
  5. @ mitr0
  6. @iron
  7. @zayt
  8. @FalleNCS
  9. @TACOCS
  10. @Clayster

Now up to 2021, in your opinion, which game (s), which console (s) or which event (s) could mark this new year?