Available today even in France (and in many territories), the PS5 was launched a week ago now in the United States or in Japan. Unlike the PS4, Japanese players did not have to wait several months after the American and European release of the console. Famitsu recently revealed the sales figures of the PS5 in Japan, but also of the new Xboxes.

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PS5 leads the game in Japan

Thus, in the space of four days, Famitsu estimates that 118,085 PS5 consoles found a buyer on the archipelago against 20,534 Xbox Series S | X (in six days). Obviously, in addition to the coronavirus epidemic, there is another form of epidemic affecting the launch of next-gen consoles around the world, namely: stockouts. As is the tradition, in Japan, shops organize lotteries to designate those who will have the chance to get their hands on the consoles.

Price and Release Date PS5 and Xbox Series X, why is it so long?

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If the PS5 displays a ratio of about 6 to 1 compared to the new Xboxes, it should be noted that with 118,085 consoles sold, the PS5 is doing less well than the PS4 in its time, with 320,000 sales in the first week.

Obviously, we are even further from the overkill PS2, and its 631,000 sales in the first week. The fault once again with very limited stocks, and a very tight flow which will last until the beginning of next year.

On the gaming side, Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls stand out, with around 18,000 sales each. Remember that Japan has always been a land acquired by Sony as part of the PlayStation / Xbox battle.

Indeed, despite Microsoft’s efforts, the Xbox only sells 450,000 copies in Japan. Its little sister, the Xbox 360, will also try to seduce the Japanese public, with various RPGs in particular, but also excellent shoot’em up (by Cave in particular), but here again, it was a failure, with 1.6 million sales, against more than 10 million for the PS3. And what about the Xbox One, which today has a little over 100,000 sales on the archipelago. To see now how the sales of new Xbox will evolve.