After very long months of waiting, Sony has finally decided to communicate around the famous PlayStation 5, expected at the moment for the end of 2020. Sony is therefore positioned to match Microsoft in terms of communication , since the American firm launched hostilities since December 2019 and the reveal of the Xbox Series X.

After seven very good years, the PS4 is preparing to retire. If Sony flew over the current generation with its console which reached the top 3 best selling consoles in the history of video games with the bar of 110 million passed, the new generation promises to be much more delicate for Sony who will have to do face a lot of competition. If you would like to know more about the Xbox Series X, we invite you to consult our file below.

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PS5 logo.
PlayStation 5RELEASE DATE: End of year 2020
CONSOLE NAME : PlayStation 5 (PS5)
PROPOSED SERVICES : PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now
RESOLUTION : 4K / 60FPS (Up to 8K and up to 120FPS)
RETROCOMPATIBILITY GAMES : Yes (Approx. 4000 PS4 games)
ACCESSORIES RETROCOMPATIBILITY : Yes (including controllers and PSVR)


Since entering the video game industry, Sony with its PlayStation has been linked to success. The first PlayStation in 1994 will exceed 100 million consoles sold and become one of the best-selling consoles in video game history. The PlayStation 2 in 2000 will explode this record with more than 158 million consoles sold making it THE best-selling console in history. In 2005, the PlayStation experience went portable with the PSP and a console that will sell more than 80 million units. In 2006, Sony's first stop with the very complicated launch of the PlayStation 3 with its very steep price: € 599. It will take several years for Sony to boost sales of the PS3 and reach the 88 million consoles sold. In 2012, the second halt with PS VITA, a new portable console that will not be able to impose itself. But in 2013, with the PlayStation 4, Sony will return the points on the "i". Almost perfect communication, clear in their speech, and striking slogan: 4 The Players. A console, for players. The PS4 will be a huge commercial success from its launch and the console will continue to sell to reach the 110 million consoles passed.

PlayStation masters this video game industry, but from generation to generation anything is possible. In recent years, the firm has been affected by many major departures and the moments of communication are not as perfect as in 2013 and the launch of the PS4. Is the wind turning for Sony? To date, very difficult to say. In the meantime, the PS5 will already start with a disadvantage compared to its main competitor, which will therefore be more powerful overall. Will Sony's bet to bet on the “speed” of the machine and to count on its very good First Party studios be a good choice?

In any case, it was in April 2019 during an interview with the Wired site that the "next-gen PlayStation" was announced. It was not until October 8, 2019 that Sony used the name "PS5" and "PlayStation 5" for the first time. Always with very few details, for example the new features on the controller (which still doesn't have a name). In early 2020, at the CES in Las Vegas, the PS5 logo which will be officially unveiled. Finally, it is during the week of March 21, 2020 that Sony will speak for the first time to reveal all the features of the console. Unfortunately, this conference originally planned for the GDC (Game Developers Conference) will not be a big success. A conference far too technical that satisfied many developers, but which completely lost the players.

PlayStation 25 Years

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The PS5 is eagerly awaited simply because it marks with the Xbox Series X the launch of a new generation of consoles. In addition, Sony has made a habit of offering large gaming experiences with its many studios. New licenses, very high quality suites, and state-of-the-art consoles. However, since 2016 and the release of the PS4 Pro, Sony is technically behind, and they will be again with the PS5. If since 2016 this does not impact the sales and success of the PS4, on PS5 it remains a new daring bet for PlayStation. The Japanese firm will really have to convince with the bet of the ultra fast SSD to offer hardware developers capable of facing the competition in terms of visual rendering. But neither will it be necessary to rest and continue to offer large licenses and new IPs over the years to keep this aura and reputation that they have had for 25 years now.


Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 crisis, plans are shaken up and to date, no one has seen and tested this PS5. We hope that this health crisis will pass as quickly as possible to resume a normal life. This is when we can think of possible events and previews to get our hands on this new PlayStation 5 console for the first time.


For many months, you have seen images of a mysterious triangular PS5 on the Net. So no, it's not the console, but the "Dev Kit". That is to say, a prototype that does not look like the final version of the console and that is sent to developers to be able to prepare the development of games to come on the new PS5. Anyway, if this machine is not the PS5, it is in any case officially its dev.kit.

Leak Controller PS5

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Unfortunately, to date it is impossible to specify whether the PS5 will benefit from collector consoles or not. It is almost certain that it will, but it is also almost certain that it will not be for its launch. In general, only one console model is launched in a new generation.


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  • The name of the console is good: PlayStation 5 / PS5
  • The controller will be different and will bring a big batch of novelties
  • The controller will have haptic technology
  • PlayStation 5 buttons become "adaptive trigger" buttons
  • The name of the new controller has still not been given
  • The PS5 will be backward compatible with PS5 hardware (controllers, cameras, PS VR ..)
  • PS5 would read about 4,000 PS4 games
  • PS5 will allow play in 4K, 60FPS
  • PS5 will display 8K and 120FPS resolution
  • PS5 SSD will be the fastest SSD on the market
  • The release date of the console is scheduled for the end of 2020 without further details


During the week of March 21, 2020, Sony breaks its silence and organizes a long hour-long conference presented by Mark Cerny to reveal all the technical characteristics of the console. A very hard-to-digest conference for gamers that really caught the attention of developers in the middle of the special Game Developers Conference week.

Contrary to usual, Sony was not clear on all areas (such as backward compatibility) and we discovered a PS5 less powerful than the Xbox Series X. It is far from being the best communication time for a first speaking.

PS5 features:

CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (variable)
GPU: 10.28 Tflops, 36CUs at 2.3GHz
Architecture: Custom RDNA 2
Memory :
16GB GDDR6 / 256Bits
Memory bandwidth: 448GB / s
Internal storage: 1 TB custom SSD
Expandable storage: NVMe SSD
External storage: USB 3.0 external hard drive support
Optical drive: 4K HUD Blu-Ray Player
Performance objective: 4K at 60 FPS, up to 120 FPS


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