Video games are at the center of many wars in the industry. War of consoles, war of services now with the many formulas between PS Now, Xbox Game Pass, Uplay + … But also, perhaps the most important war: That of exclusives. On the current generation, the Xbox One has suffered enormously from this war. No new major major license on the Xbox One side, facing a PS4 which has not stopped offering fairly strong exclusives that have marked the catalog of the console and this generation. Aware of this problem, the American firm has necessarily prepared the ground for reversing the trend. Since 2017, Xbox and its boss Phil Spencer have been looking for talented studios to produce big exclusives that can compete on Xbox Series X against Sony's First Party studios and its PlayStation 5. And according to an insider, this should be a gamble winner.

The Xbox Series X: The best catalog in Xbox history?

New Name Series X: Xbox


We have known for quite some time now, the Redmond company will be well armed against Sony and the PlayStation 5. Its Xbox Series X will be more powerful and may offer some pretty crazy things in terms of technology. With the takeover of fifteen studios, a well-informed insider announces on the ResetEra forums that in addition to "technical" preparation, Microsoft will also be well prepared in terms of "Entertainment".

Many Internet users exchanged on their wishes concerning the games of the next console from Microsoft with a desire to see the firm go up a gear with more realistic games by abandoning the "Cartoon" side to move towards more narrative games with realistic graphics like the latest "Gears 5". That's when insider shinobi602 replied, "Oh, you won't be disappointed." And that the latter even allowed himself to add:

In fact, you’re not going to have to wait very long, sincerely. I'm really excited about everything that is going on at Xbox. Incredible fantasy worlds, reboots, science fiction … It should be fun."

A strategy that therefore seems to be inspired by that of Sony and PlayStation, which are used to offering this kind of games. As a reminder, shinobi602 is a regular on ResetEra forums and has in the past given a lot of information concerning several players in the video game industry, especially on Sony with preview information on God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn.